Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Hanging at Uni

Yesterday Kobe and I headed up to the Uni to hang out with Makayla and Fiona while they had a break in between classes.  We hadn't seen either of them for ages, and was really looking forward to catching up.   While we were waiting for Fiona, Kobe showed Makayla his skills at using the iPhone 4 :)

We went and had some lunch and then had a bit of fun taking pics together.  Makayla is doing a Photography course at TAFE this year, and is always needing more models to take photos of.  Kobe is always the perfect model, pulling out poses whenever you ask him to.

We found this great little place to take photos at the Maritime College.  Fiona made me stand and do some modeling which just felt so awkward and embarrassing.  I would never want to be a model that's for sure!

Makayla took this pic of me. I was supposed to be 'wistfully' looking out of the window, but I had no clue how to do that!

When I went to take some photos of Fiona she says 'the photographer is never photographed!' to which I had to remind her that she just took some pics of me, and I AM the photographer, especially when it's my camera :)

I love this pic that Makayla took of Kobe and me. 

Thanks for the fun afternoon girls. We'll have to do it again very soon!


  1. Great photos! It looks like the place my sister had her wedding photos taken MANY years ago.

  2. Thanks for a fun afternoon! Made my four hour break go super quick :)
    Was heaps of fun and great to finally catch up after so long! :)

  3. Ha! It must be a photographer thing - not being able to do the wistful look! Makayla sucks at it too! She usually looks like she's in pain. I thought you looked 'amused' in yours! Pics look great tho.

  4. I can just picture you looking wistful and then busting out laughing!!!!! So fun! Its a good lesson to be on the other side of the camera!

  5. OH MY GOODNESS that last one of you and Kobe under the stairs...i can see Jay in you there..freaky (in a nice way!!!)
    great pics...i might check out that photography course when i get some time in my retirment (or is that the next life????)

  6. beautiful pictures of you Lisa, and you very, very cute little man!

  7. I love them all! You are so beautiful and need to have more pictures taken of you. :) The last one if my fav though. I love your personality.


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