Thursday, 10 February 2011


The past 6 months or so have been long for Noah's carer Alison, as she has been wishing she was in New Jersey or at least that Joey was in Tassie with her.  Aaron tries everything to make the time go faster for her, including making up stupid songs to sing to her like 'Aley Cat, Aley Cat, Joey is missing you' (to the tune of 'Smelly Cat' from Friends).

A week or so ago, Alison got her wish with Joey arriving in Australia for a few weeks.  Harri was counting down the days with Alison, and could always tell me how many days it was going to be till Joey arrived.  It has been lots of fun getting to know him.  The boys had great fun cooking tea with him one night.

Harri was keen to play a bit of cricket with him in the hall at home.  Supposedly Joey had already had a bit of a hit with someone, so he knew a little bit about how to play and Harri was flabergasted! He couldn't stop asking 'how do you know how to play cricket Joey!!?'.   Yesterday we had a BBQ lunch with them and a hit at the park which was fun. 

The boys love him, especially Harri.  Harri keeps yelling 'Joe-ehhhh!' whenever he sees him in his huge voice.  When I asked him why he says it like that, he says it's because 'that's how Americans say it!'.

Aaron was trying to convince Joey that Hawthorn are the AFL team to barrack for, but Alison has other ideas.

Joey is an awesome photographer. The only thing I hate is that his camera is always pointed in my face! The tables have been turned on me, and I'm not a fan of being in front of the camera at all!
Last Friday Aaron and I went out on a double date with Alison and Joey, which was a lot of fun.   It was good having someone to play Crazy Golf with that was almost as terrible as me!

It's nice to finally have met him after all we have heard from Alison about him. I know my boys will be almost just as sad when Joey leaves, as Alison will be.


  1. Aaron is good at brain washing!!!!

  2. What an honor. =) I'm so grateful to you and your family for the generosity, laughs, and experiences. Thank you for everything. It has been an absolute pleasure.

  3. Of course, I take ALL of that back if you dare unfriend me on facebook again.

  4. So nice he could come over and you finally get to meet him! I was getting sick of Alison's countdown on fb ;) ;)
    Harri is funny saying his name like that :P

  5. Ha ha Joey! But supposedly we are only friends in Facebook- not in real life ;) can I remind you again that you didn't even notice :)

  6. Haha! We've had so much fun hanging out with you guys. Harri and I will have to share a whole tub of icecream and use a few boxes of tissues when Joey is gone.

  7. I know an easy solution to their's called MARRIAGE! :) (just sayin') Love the pictures, looks like you've had lots of fun together.


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