Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Volcanic Ash Cloud

The world just seems like such a huge place most of the time, but when volcanic ash all the way from Chile is cancelling flights in Australia two weeks in a row, it just makes the world seem so much smaller.   The last couple of days have been stressful not knowing whether our only break away this year was going to be cancelled or post poned because of ash from the other side of the world.

We try to do something special with the boys each year - even if it is a couple of days away staying with Uncle Chrish.  About 4 months ago Jetstar had one of their specials which was too good to pass up - $19 each way to Melbourne.    We tried to get flights during school holidays, but obviously the rest of Australia was booking at the same time (who wouldn't for $19!) and we missed out by a few seconds as one minute the flights were there, and the next click they were gone.

We were devastated as we really wanted to take the boys for a break, so the only option was to book the week after school went back, as we couldn't afford to pay full price.   We were worried about doing this as it meant Aaron would have to take two days off school and take leave without pay, but school has been great about it and are happy that we just get to have a little break away.

Yesterday was a very stressful day as we watched the news reports about the ash cloud and whether or not our flights were going to be cancelled or not.  At first we thought we were okay, then not, and then it looked like flights in the afternoon would be okay.  We were supposed to be flying out tonight, but this morning I got the dreaded text message telling me the flight was cancelled :(

Yesterday after school I told the boys that we probably wouldn't get to go and I was ready and waiting for lots of tears, but they surprised me.  Jalen said he was sad but 'it's better to be safe' and Harri just had a big tear trickle down his cheek which just about broke my heart.  He was so good though and tried to understand that it wasn't something that could be helped, and that the airline was just trying to keep us safe.  Later in the night he said 'it's lucky that we weren't near the volcano wasn't it Mum' as he started to think about the people in Chile who would've been majorly affected by the volcano.

After twenty minutes of a busy signal this morning I finally got through to Jetstar.  I thought I'd try my luck at rescheduling for tomorrow, and we were able to get a flight tomorrow night meaning we lose a whole day (when you are only going for three days that pretty much sucks, but we still get to go to the footy on Friday night and not waste our tickets).    I just hope that the ash continues to move away and it's not cancelled again tomorrow night as we have already lost a nights worth of accomodation and I'm not keen on telling the boys again that we can't go, but if that's the case we'll just have to cut our losses and reschedule to go in a couple of months, and pray there is no more volcanic eruptions!

We are leaving Noah at home with Mum at our house. I will worry but I know Mum will look after him well, and he will go to school on Friday which will give her a break. I guess I just know how tiring it can be to care for him, but I've done it for ten years, so I just worry that he is going to wear Mum out, but he is actually 'easy' to look after when it's just him on his own, and not the other three boys thrown into the mix as well.  Mum has known for a while that we were going, so has been having lots of practices with hoisting Noah to bed etc.  I know she'll do a great job and I just hope I can relax enough to enjoy the three days with the boys.

I always worry I'm going to forget something when I leave Noah anywhere for a period of time.  I have made up 4 days of meds, just in case we miss our flight back or the ash cloud suddenly turns around and comes back! (I hate to even think about that!!).  I was trying to be positive last night and said 'at least we have days worth of meds made up and we won't have to do it until monday!

All his meds are bagged up in separate bags for morning, lunch time and night for each day, as well as lots of instructions of how to give his nebs and setting up his pump etc.

The boys (and Aaron and I) had been looking forward to having a break and some fun together for months, so it's so disappointing that we don't get to go tonight.  We are trying to work out what we won't do now as we had lots of things planned that we could barely fit in over three days, let alone two.  Keep everything crossed for us that we may get to fly out tomorrow night. 


  1. Oh no! sucks you loose a day but lucky you still get to go too! i went to Melbourne last week but flew with virgin and they had emailed me saying they will still fly regardless of what is happening.

  2. Lisa it is great that your going for two days at least!
    We'll be watching the game so give a big wave!!

  3. I really hope you get to go for some of the time at least! Your boys are so good putting on their brave faces.


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