Thursday, 23 June 2011

We're off!!

Good riddance ash cloud!! Thank you for moving away from Tasmania and towards New Zealand more.  We have kept up with the updates all day today and were excited to hear that Jetstar were flying out of Launceston after 4 pm.

Kobe noticed I was getting busy and asked me 'where going Mum!?'.  I told him we were going on the plane and he yelled 'whoo hoo!!' and then ran into his room to get his things he needed to pack.  He came back with a tie...(I guess he wants to look spunky at the MCG tomorrow night!? ;) and...

12 pairs of undies and some speedos!

The boys were SO excited when I picked them up at school and told them we were going.  I'm still dreading we will get to the airport and it will just be a bad joke, but so far no dreaded text message. Thank you Jetstar!!

Mum and Di look super excited to look after Noah for a couple of days don't they!? ;)   Mum has the list of med times, and important things to remember and I know Noah will be very spoilt over the next couple of days.

I'm not too worried about him - I know he will be well looked after. I just hope he stays well for everyone.  

We'll be back on Saturday night after a very, very hectic two days.


  1. Have fun, which I know you will! Only a day lost but at least you will get to the game at the G!

  2. excellent! So glad you got to go, even just for a short while. Hope the Hawthorn win for you guys

  3. yay! so excited for you guys... have a blast!
    love all the undies :)

  4. Heavens!!!!!! Look at my double chin. Have a great time.
    Love Mum.

  5. So glad you got to go! Can't wait to hear ALL about it. :)


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