Tuesday, 21 June 2011

In Harri's bag...

for church were these books! 

Before church we are always yelling (did I say that!? I should say 'asking'!) the boys to grab some books to take with them to read during sacrament meeting.  I didn't realise what Harri had grabbed until he pulled them out at church (thanks Steph for telling us about the picture book.  We found it in Devonport and Harri LOVES it!).


  1. well if this works i have fixed my computer glitch....
    Love that Hari did what he was told...you didnt say what sort of books obviously...
    have fun in the clouds!!!!!

  2. haha that's awesome! I need to take a book bag to church to keep me going! Happy birthday for the other day! great post...flynn is SO pudgy! I haven't seen him for yonks:(
    peace out

  3. His dad should be proud. :)

  4. maybe they should have more footy articles in the "friend" :)

  5. Love his choices! Hilarious!


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