Saturday, 18 June 2011


Forty is getting closer, and closer.  Luckily birthdays to me are just another day, and I actually don't really get upset about getting older as I definitely don't feel that old (just tired!).  This year was a lovely birthday though as it was on the last day of school holidays.  Usually it's just after the winter holidays and the boys and Aaron are at school, so I just have my usual routine during the day.  Yesterday however was really busy, and lots of fun.

First of all Aaron and I went and did my favourite class at the gym (Body Attack).  We then went ten pin bowling with the boys which we had done a couple of times already on the holidays, so it was the last family tournament of the holidays.  Aaron always wins and takes it all pretty seriously - especially since he was given his very own bowling ball at the end of last year from the Prefects from school!

Noah did a pretty good job at beating him yesterday though - he had his game face on!

Harri was super excited to get a strike!

Jalen is known as the person in the family who always loses.   He always gets worked up about it even before we go, and says 'I know I'm going to come last'.

I was determined not to lose on my birthday, and I know Aaron will say he let me win, but I flogged him!

For lunch I met the girls at the Seaport and had a lovely afternoon cuddling cute little Flynn, who has grown so much since I last saw him and has the cutest, chubbiest cheeks now.

Flynn was getting tired and a bit grumpy so Simone put Flynn on her lap on his tummy to settle him. We were laughing that he looked like a stable table.

He was so settled that he soon dozed off to sleep.

Aaron and Harri headed off to the Hawthorn Fab Friday in the afternoon (it was too cold for Noah to go out) and I joked with Jay that he owed me a birthday massage, so he actually gave me one! It was THE best massage and he gave me it for an hour!! He is going to be a great husband one day. 

Mum came in late afternoon to look after the boys for us, so that Aaron and I could go out for tea.  Before we went we did birthday cake thing for the boys (which Aaron had made me the day before).

Aaron and I then went out and had a lovely few hours out on our own.   After tea we thought we would take a walk through the Grand Chancellor as we knew the Hawks were in town for a game today, and we 'accidently' ran into them (which wasn't hard when they were just hanging out in the halls chatting!).  Aaron was brave and asked for a photo and we had a bit of a chat to them.  They were all very friendly (dodgy phone photos sorry!).

We then went and had a game of Crazy Golf which is always fun.  I can never beat Aaron at golf either, but I actually beat him! (and I swear he didn't let me win!).

We love the massage chairs that they have there, so we spent 10 mins both having a massage at the same time.   Oh man what I would give to have one of those chairs at home!

I had a lovely birthday spent with the people I love the most.


  1. What a lovely birthday you had. So the chair must be on the list for next years birthday then!

  2. Happy Birthday you Wonder Woman you....
    And believe me...if was rich i would buy you one of those chair (after i bought myself one first)...he he!!!!

  3. What a great day Lisa. You don't look any different from the last time I saw you...a million years ago!

    Also where did you get the hawk pj's? Max would love some!

  4. oh Camilla - you are way too kind! The Hawks PJs we get from Best and Less, but I'm betting since you guys are in Sydney and AFL isn't as big there, they may be hard to find? If not there, you can just order them from Hawks Nest online - go to the Hawthorn Football Club website.

  5. I strongly encourage you to go to the massage chair shop when you're in Melbourne. I think they're called Osim. There's one at Chadstone, if you get the chance to get out there. They let you trial them for ages without any pressure to buy. Glad it was a good birthday. What a bonus Aaron was on school holidays. Does it always fall like that? I have never seen Aaron's bowling ball before. Pity it didn't bring him any luck!

  6. What a great birthday. The perfect day to whip hubbys butt at bowling and golf! Jalen cracks me up :) and Simone looks beautiful in that photo with her 'stable table.'

  7. Gaz sat on one's of those chairs in Costco the other day.. "if we were staying here, I'd buy one of those"..Glad you had a great day!!

  8. Oh looks like you had a great day! (has anyone told you that you're ADORABLE!!!?) Love Noah's bowling game face :)


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