Sunday, 12 June 2011

Hugh Christian

This cute little man was able to get the whole family together for the long weekend. 

That's because it was his blessing day today.  After Hugh was born it took Eden and Steph a little while to come up with his middle name. They wanted to have a family name, but every thing they thought of didn't sound right.  That was until someone suggested 'Christian', so Hugh Christian it is which we all think is lovely.  We all know who the favourite uncle is! :)

Yesterday Chrish arrived from Sydney and stayed at our house last night.  The boys were so excited about him coming down, especially Kobe who kept crying all week saying 'Chrish come me house!' as he wanted him to come right then! We headed up to Devonport this morning for Hugh's blessing.  After church Harri came up to Aaron and said 'Dad when you were up there helping give Huge (yes he called him HUGE, rather than Hugh!) his blessing, it was like you were all in a huddle at the football!'.  That boy can make anything relate back to football!

We all went back to Eden and Steph's house for lunch afterwards, and Steph's sister Scarlett and her husband Jonny and cute boys were also there.  Harri came up to Aaron and said 'that guy's chin is like Brendan Fevola's!' as he pointed to Jonny!  We couldn't stop laughing and the rest of the afternoon everyone was stirring up Jonny calling him 'Fev'.  Harri kept talking to him saying 'Fevola has big muscles' and Jonny asked him if he also had big muscles too, and he looks at him and says 'yep!'.

The boys had a great time playing with Eden's big boy toys. 

Jay is so good with the little kids.  They all love him and always want him to play with them. 
It was a lovely afternoon of yummy food and catching up.

We attempted a group photo before we left but notice Aaron ruining the photo!

It was so nice to have everyone home together again. If only Chrish could find a job back in Tassie as we are sure he would be back to hang with his cool family more often :)


  1. cute photos lisa - the bigger your family gets the looonger the family get together blog posts become to accommodate all of your snaps!!!!

  2. I am so very glad you blog... If I didn't stalk your blogspace my sisters would have new babies that I didn't even know about!!! (: What a big family you are getting.

  3. Hugh is a cutey! Aaron - not so much- but maybe the doll is the daughter he longs for???

  4. Hugh is so cute! He looks heaps like Lachie.
    I love the pics, looks like a really nice day :) Is that Linc in the pic of a boy on the couch between two people? He looks so big! (although he is the same age as Asha?)

  5. lovwe the p ics of the kids lisa. Hugh is a real mix of Eden and steph hey! there is a really cfute pic there of Scarlett and Bailey having a mother and son moment!

  6. just beautiful (as always the photographs are amazing)...just sad that the timer wasnt used to get Chrish in there with you all... then the last shot would have been the PEEEEEERRRRFect family them all....

  7. Annette - we would've used the timer, but Dad had taken off anyway, so he was missing also :(


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