Wednesday, 8 June 2011


I've been busy doing a few photo shoots lately which have been lots of fun.  I have to say though that I am LOVING taking photos of babies at the moment.   I was lucky enough to go and take phots of beautiful Carter yesterday. 

Kylie and I have been friends for about 14 years or so (?) after working together at the Launceston Women's Shelter all those years ago.  I was pregnant with Jay at the same time that Kylie was pregnant with their son Patrick.  It was fun to go to prenatal classes together and to watch our tummies grow together.

It's very exciting to see Kylie and Shayne with a newborn baby again after all these years, and was so fun taking photos of them yesterday.  Carter is a tiny little boy as he was born three weeks early, but he is so cute. 

Thanks for sharing your little man with me Kylie and Shayne! He is very lucky to have such a great family to share his life with.  Of course it helps that you are also Hawthorn supporters :)


  1. I love his cute wrinkly head. The shots are all beautiful. You should replace those dodgey photographers who take the new born shots at the hospitals. Imagine all the babies you could capture!

  2. We think he's pretty cute and LOVE the photos thank you. I agree with Leetai - you should take the photos for the newborns at the hospital as CJ's was AWFUL, and yes he does have a cute, wrinkly head - he's like a little old man! Thanks again Lisa xxxx

  3. Great pics Kylie...
    Great pics Lisa....

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! I shouldn't look again otherwise I might get too clucky.

  5. absolutely gorgeous photos Lisa :) I think babies are your thing :)


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