Friday, 3 June 2011

Notes from Jay

Harri isn't the only one writing notes at the moment.  Jay has also been writing me notes, but not the type that Harri has been.  People who know me well, know that I'm not an animal person.  Yes I grew up on a farm with lots of animals, but they just don't do anything for me.  I can see a dog or kitten and think they are really cute, but as for having one at home and having to clean up it's crap, wash it, feed it, walk it and put up with it's smells just turns me off them.

The boys have always been told we are 'never getting an animal' and I feel like an awful Mum  saying it, but I think about all the bad things about having an animal - like what do you do with them if you ever go away, and that I will most likely be the one looking after it after the novelty wears off.

Lately Jalen has been begging us to let him have an animal.  I've told him if he saves up himself he can have a fish tank in his room and buy his own fish.  He thinks that is a cool idea, but says he wants something 'cuddly' that he can physically pick up and play with. He keeps asking me if he can have a dog, rabbit, lizard, mouse or a guinea pig.  He always knows what the answer is going to be, but it doesn't stop him trying...over and over again.

A few weeks ago I found this note that he typed for me sitting on the kitchen bench.

He told me that there is no way I can say no to that and he is starting to wear me down a little bit, but I still don't think I will ever agree to having a pet.


  1. oh Jay - how do you cuddle into a lizard? I'd go the lizard though lisa - may eat all the bugs that come int the house. Do you know Lsia I nearly got a horse when I was a kid - dad was gunna get me one but mum said no as she would have been the one caring for it - I was cut for a long time til I became a mum and realised that she was right!

  2. That's hilarious - your boys crack me up!

  3. pets and childhood go hand in hand.... my girls are like that with wanting a cat but Dave hates cats! But part of me says .... they are kids... let them have those experiences of childhood......its a toughy... cause the mUm always ends up doing the hard work! (waiting to see what my Mum has to say!!!)

  4. I remember the time I had a little dog when I was much younger and she got hit by a car, totally picked her up from the side of the road sobbing and there was blood all over me... probably best not to make it a dog then?! hahaha taught me about life and death though..

  5. My 12 year old brings puppies home from a friends house so that the puppy looks up at me with pleading eyes too.
    She thinks I am being completely heartless when I say no. All the logical reasons mean nothing to her.

    I'd say yes to guinea pigs, but only if they were going outside, way too stinky to be inside. What Miss 12 really needs is a horse, and I just have no way to get her one.

    I do think pets are important, but only if the Mum likes the idea! Cos if she aint happy, nobody is happy!

  6. You are a little brat Lisa!!!!
    You are so mean!!!!!!
    You are heartless!!!!
    What is wrong with you girl?!!!!!!
    Love you loving Mum.
    I will look after the pet when you go away, but only if it is a dog.

  7. DON'T DO IT! Take it from a pet owner. DON'T DO IT! :)

  8. We didn't have pets until I moved into my house in Castle Rock.....Heidi had always wanted a I got her one..yes, I did most of the litter cleaning...(I've since learnt that if you put the boundaries up,they will quickly not cross them... but you have to let that litter get full....if they dont clean it up...and make them have the consequences ...make it like a late payment plan... they get MORE consequences every 12 hrs they don't do the friend did the same to her daughter that she did to the rabbit.. didn't feed or water him...she never missed again...cats are very independent..dogs will need to be listen.....I say as my 1 yr old lab/greyhound only half listens to me....A Dog would actually be a good thing for Noah....You might find that a dog would often be found close to him ...looking out for him and protecting him...I worked nights for a family who had a special needs son ...he had a trach other than that same as Noah...their dog would lie on his bed with his head on some the beginning of the night...once he was settled and asleep,he left....he sensed when Noah was irritable and came in to check....on him and the is a responsibility.. a little harder for me with my knobbly wrn down a 1 bed apartment.. Jordi, as you probably have 78lbs...a softie tho. if choosing a dog...discuss with the animal shelter your lifestyle etc.. they are pretty good advising what kind of breed would suit you and the boys best...i find, the bigger they are the more mellow ..and moldable they are.. the little yappy,high maintenance dogs ...nope, not for me...however, yu are the boss... what you say and need goes...

  9. I know where you can get a puppy , oh bee kind they are great for kids and grwon ups too. Make him happy. I hated inside cats too and have now got 2 and I love them. please let him have pet/puppy.
    When my kids at school a kid bought his mum home a tiger snake...they had snakes and all after that??Let him have a puppy .boys and puppies got to- gether Mumsie Kift

  10. I'm with you Lisa.... Who needs one more thing to look after!!!!! Pets stink, cost money, take up your time, can be noisy and make a mess!!'!!! Plus, I hate the thought of having to wash your hands everytime you touch it!!!!!
    Okay.... So maybe things change when it's your own!!! (kinda like changing a baby's nappy - doing your own is not so bad but someone else's - yuk!!!) my girls are terrified of dogs so I am safe for a few years - but Emily has found a recent love for cats!!! So maybe we will get one day - when they're a bit older!! No matter what you decide to do, your not a mean mum!!!! You have to do what's right for your family and every family is different!!! I say Enjoy your pet free house!!!!

  11. Oh that was AWESOME! He reminds me of my older boys! How can you resist? :)

  12. wow passionat responses Lisa!!! I still say go the gold fish - if he can keep it alive then maybe more!! Or is it a plant you are meant to have first?

  13. booooooo, what a mean mum!! You should let him have a guinea pig, they are so cute. They don't smell as long as he cleans out the cage which I'm sure he will. He's gone to all the effort to nag you and write that awesome note, I'm sure he'll be fine. You'll probably think its cute too eventually - they make the funniest little noises. You have to get two though as one will get lonely. I've got some bedding and food to help him get started ;) Pets are good for kids! I'm with Jaylen.


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