Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Photos, photos and more photos...

The last week has been busy doing a couple of photo shoots and having a few late nights editing as I can't drag myself away from it.  I really wish that I could do a course so I could learn more and get some qualifications behind me, but unfortunately there is nothing in Launceston, and everything that looks okay online is just too expensive at the moment.  One day...

Last Saturday was my first engagement shoot which was so fun.  The couple were so happy and natural in front of the camera, so the photos turned out really fun.  They actually asked me a couple of months ago if I would photograph their wedding! I said no way as I'm not a pro and just learning as I go, but they still said they really wanted me.   I'm excited that they agreed to let me tag along to their wedding as the second photographer, while they have a professional take photos as well. More of their photos can be seen here.

I also had a photo shoot with this beautiful little family.  They are from the Gold Coast so the very cold morning up at the Gorge was extra cold for them. Their little girl was so cute.  More of their photos can be seen here.

I love being able to spend just a short time with people and hopefully give them some photos that they will treasure.


  1. The collages look lovely. I'm so happy for you having these two photoshoots. Well on the way Miss Big Time photographer.

  2. Well done Lisa! Both these photo shoots look terrific. I'm sure both families were very happy with the results! :)

  3. Hello, summer school would have you! Check it out with the Arts Uni in inveresk?? They have digital and analogue courses that you'd really love :) I love both the photography teachers there. They exhibit all over the world and are so inspirational.

  4. Hi Lisa
    Great pictures! How are you making your collages? In Photoshop or some other program?

  5. its fun shooting families and couples.... great to have a body of work to show how they relate to one another..... good job Lis


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