Thursday, 9 June 2011

Meds and Houses

Kobe loves it when it's time to make up Noah's meds for the day.  He always runs into the kitchen and plonks himself up on the stool and says 'me helping!'.

He's definitely not a help, as I have to try to keep him away from touching the meds as I take them out of their packets and bottles. 

He loves it when I've finished with all the bottles and packets as he then says 'me making house!'.

He's always very proud of the houses he makes.  Maybe one day he will become an architect!?


  1. He might become a pharmacist.

  2. He might become a druggy.
    Just kidding! Was following the trend...He's gorgeous

  3. I love that cute helper of yours!!!

  4. Look's like his building his drug house!!!!
    What ever he decides to do... I know he will do enough to provide for his beautiful wife :)

  5. sooo cute Kobe :) Great helper! ;)


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