Saturday, 4 June 2011

Kobe Turns 3

I can't believe that my baby turned three today! (and no it's not time for another one! Way too late for that!).  Who would've thought that the past three years would've gone so fast.   Kobe woke up at the usual 6 am and although he knew his birthday was coming up and had been talking about it for weeks, he didn't realise when he woke up that it was his birthday.   That meant we got to hold out till 7am till he opened up his presents.  Mum had stayed with us the night before, so she was also here for the present opening.

He is totally obsessed with Toy Story at the moment so Aaron had made up a cute invitation to send out to his cousins and Grandma and Grandpa.


 A lot of his presents were also related to do with Toy Story which he was very excited about.  

When Jay was Kobe's age he was obsessed with the TV show 'Blues Clues'.  Kobe has recently discovered it as they have the DVD at the child care at the gym and every day he asks the ladies to put it on for him.    He is so excited to now have his own Blues Clues DVD for home.

He then spent the morning watching his new DVDs and playing with his new toys (and eating chocolate, just because he could because it was his birthday - hence the mess around his face).
Nanna and Pa came around mid morning and Kobe was very excited to be given the DVD Toy Story 3.  I know what's going to be played over and over again in our house from now on.   Before they left Kobe decided to pull out some party tricks for them!

We then met all the cousins and Uncle and Aunties at Treasure Island (except Chrish). The others hadn't been there before, and it was only our second time so everyone was very excited and had a great time.

 We then came back to our house for a game, food, cake and more present opening.

Aaron is usually the one who makes the boys cakes and is great at it, but I decided to give him a break this year and made it myself.  We were going to continue with the Toy Story theme and have a Toy Story cake which Kobe was excited about, but just as I was cooking it Kobe tells me he wanted a Wiggles or Barbie cake instead! I kept saying 'no we are having a Toy Story cake!' and he would look at me and say 'no this one!' and would do the Wiggles fingers at me. 

I then quickly decided to make a Big Red Car cake instead and this was the result.   Kobe was SO happy with it and couldn't wait to eat it.

He hardly ate anything for lunch but had two huge pieces of cake.

He got very quiet in the afternoon and had the glazed eye look, so I knew he was so tired after a huge day. He had a great day and ended up the day the same was as it started - watching one of his new DVDs.   By 6.30 pm he was sound asleep.

Now if we can just get him to say that he is 'three'.  Every time someone asks how old he was going to be, or how old he is today he says with a smile 'two!'. 


  1. great party kobe - thanks for inviting us! jacks eyes look so glassy!

  2. was all the food made with the themomix ????
    Hope he had a great day!!

  3. Happy Birthday Kobe, looks like you had a fantastic time.

  4. Check out all that food!!! Happy birthday Kobstar !

  5. Great cake Lisa very impressed with the big red car! Sounds like a great day.

  6. What a fun celebration! He is such a cute little boy! (I love the picture of Noah with the balloons around him-- the look on his face made me laugh :)

  7. Well done Lisa, cake looks awesome. Looks like it was a great day with family. We really have to check out treasure island... JJ used to love blues clues too.

  8. happy birthday Kobe! Looks like he had a great day :)


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