Thursday, 2 June 2011

Harri's Other Obsession

Harri is not only obsessed with football, but he has another obsession - Aaron!   Last night for some reason Harri was telling us all what he likes about us.  All of us got a few nice things said about us - mine was 'you are a good Mum and are nice, and I love you', Jalen's was 'you are funny, you are good at school work, I like playing with you', Kobe's was 'I like playing with you, you are nice', Noah's was 'he makes me feel happy' and then he went off on a massive long list of about twenty thigns for Aaron! 

If Harri knows that something is coming up like us going to the movies, or to the footy he asks a week in advance 'when we go to the movies, can I sit next to you Daddy?'. When it's bedtime he wants Aaron to take him to bed.  He actually times it so I'm either busy with Kobe or Noah, so that he knows Aaron will be the one who has to take him to bed.  After a few nights I say to him that I want to take him to bed, and he will burst into tears crying 'I want Daddy to take me to bed'.  One night he agreed to let me take him to bed as I hadn't for a while and I said to him 'I feel sad that you don't want me to take you to bed Harri', thinking he may have a rethink and say 'sorry Mum' or give me a hug or something, but instead he looks at me and asks 'can Dad bring me to bed tomorrow night!?'.

Last week I went to put him into bed at night and saw this note sitting in his room! 

I cracked up laughing and said 'what's this Harri!!?' and he laughs and said 'only Dad is allowed in my room!'.  I asked him why he didn't write Noah couldn't come in his room on the note and he looks at me like I'm stupid and said 'Mum! Noah can't even walk, so he couldn't come into my room anyway!'.

Often Harri will put drawings or notes on Aaron's bed, like these two he did a couple of weeks ago. He LOVES talking sport with him - footy or NBA basketball so he drew his favourite players for him.

It really doesn't bother me at all - I actually think it's really cute.  I think sometimes Aaron wishes Harri wasn't so obsessed, but it's nice to know that Aaron and Harri have so much in common and will hopefully always be great friends as he is growing up.


  1. Funny boy! You should right a book of "Harri-isms"!

  2. Gee I'm lucky to sleep in his room when I stay overnight then.
    I think it is great that Aaron is his hero.
    I hope you are going to keep a folder of his paintings because they are more than words and drawings,
    Love Mum.

  3. Harri is so funny. Kids are gorgeous with their total honesty - its good that you don't take it personally. He'd probably let you in his room if you kicked a footy better!


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