Monday, 25 April 2011

We Will Never Ever Forget

ANZAC Day was always an emotional day as I would watch my Pop march down the street with his head held high and his chest puffed out.  Last year was of course very emotional as it was the first year that Pop was no longer here to march on ANZAC Day, but Nan was still here. This year felt a lot different since they are both now gone, so instead of heading out to Deloraine to the march there, we decided to go to the ANZAC parade in town for the first time ever.  

It was a beautiful autumn morning for it with the sun shining.   Just as the march started I felt really teary, thinking of Pop and Nan and realising how much I miss them, especially on days like today.

The boys enjoyed a play in the park before we went home.

We were excited to run into Matthew and Kerry and the boys.  We haven't seen Alex for ages, but he is still as cute as ever.

I'm glad that we went and hope that boys never forget what their Pop did for them and our country. We love and miss you Pop and will never ever forget.


  1. This is so special, everytime i see that picture it makes me feel so blessed indeed! xx

  2. I miss Pop so much, especially at this time of the year.
    I went to the dawn service again this year.
    Love Mum.

  3. I miss him too, it's not quite the same coming down anymore and knowing I'm not going to get to see Pop.

  4. Tender post. I'm sure they were there with you in spirit!

  5. Beautiful shots. Beautiful post.


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