Sunday, 24 April 2011

Slap Cheek?

Kobe has been 'funny' all week - just not himself at all.  I put it down to him being overtired but just knew he wasn't right as he was super cranky, chucking more tantrums than usual and not wanting to eat much.  This morning he woke up with very red cheeks, and at first I thought it may have been from too much Easter chocolate as he is slightly dairy intolerant.

As the day has gone on though, I actually think he may have slap cheek? It has spread more to both cheeks now and is also a little on his arms and back.  I feel awful now as he has been around other kids all week, but now that his cheeks are red he isn't contagious anymore (if that is what it is).

 I still think he is as cute as ever though, red cheeks and all :)


  1. Ah ha! That's why I missed seeing you today! Passing lovely things on... all part and parcel of being a kid! Hope Kobe gets better soon. xox

  2. Yep, its going around heaps at the moment adn is not contageous after the rash appears. Asha had it too and then Jory. Asha's rash took AGES to go away!!!! Good luck!

  3. what on earth is slap cheek? are you sure Harri didn't actualy slap his cheek!! eamon has had a rash around his mouth for a little while and been SUPER cranky - maybe he gave it to Kobe

  4. Poor little man. Hope he is feeling his old self soon.
    Love Mum.

  5. isn't it horrible when your kids are sick and you can't really do anything much to help them? I hate having to say "you'll just have to wait for it to go away". Hope Kobe's all back to normal soon.
    P.S just wanted to say that your photos have been great lately. I've just been a bit under the pump recently and haven't left comments but I do appreciate them :)

  6. Poor Kobe, I heard of 'slap cheek' years ago and thought it was very interesting. Hopefully it's a thing you only get once in your lifetime.

  7. That last picture is my FAVORITE!!!


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