Friday, 8 April 2011


Lately I've been thinking a lot about how having a child with a disability really affects the whole family.  I've been trying really hard since then to spend more time with our boys one on one.  I realise how much time Noah takes up and has taken up especially when he was younger, which meant that Jalen especially had to quickly adapt.  It's not necessarily a bad thing as I think our boys are better for having Noah as their brother, but I'm still aware of how much time with us they miss out on.  

We are very blessed as the boys hardly ever complain about it.  Sometimes they will ask 'if Noah is well can we .....?' when they want to do something on the weekend, or during the school holidays as they know we won't be able to do it if Noah isn't up to it. 

I remember when I was little Mum and Dad decided to do the same thing - to spend more time with us kids one on one. As I am the eldest in the family I was the lucky one who got to go on a special 'date' with Mum and Dad first.  Do you remember that Mum? We went to watch the movie 'Ghandi' and I remember how excited I was to be going out on my own with Mum and Dad, while my brothers and Nicki were at home with a babysitter. 

A couple of weeks ago I decided to do the same with Jalen, while Aaron and Harri stayed home and watched Friday night footy together.  He was so excited and we had lots of fun going to the movies together to see 'Rango'.  Jay can talk your ear off ... and he did the whole night!  It was fun sitting there sharing popcorn, while he laughed his whole way through the movie.   That night I went to check on the boys as we always do before we go to sleep, and this is what I found.

Even though he's growing up way too fast, he is always going to be my little boy.

Last night Aaron and Jay were having a lovely cuddle on the couch together while they were watching TV.  I hope Jay is happy to cuddle with us for a while longer, as I don't want him to grow up too fast, and want to spend a lot more time with him before he thinks he is too cool to hang with his crazy parents :) 


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  2. Such a great thing to do - I've been doing the same with Patrick too. beware though, Patrick has started puberty at 11 & 1/2 :(

  3. AAAAWWWWWHHHHHH...that gives me a warm fuzzy...very special...

  4. That last picture is precious! You are a great mom, your kids will always be grateful for putting them first. xxx

  5. I love this kid so much.
    I had forgotten about the date nights. Ghandi was on T.V. the other night, and I do remember you calling Nicki Ghandi when she was tiny, because she didn' have a lot of hair.
    Time goes so fast so. Enjoy every precios moment and build memories every single day.
    Love Mum.

  6. you have got a few more years of cuddles im sure!
    so important those one on one date nights hey? they will remember them forever, just like you do

  7. Lovely post Lisa....the cuddles will still come....just in a different way. I have very pleasant memories of 19 year old boys hopping up on the cover of our bed squeezing between mum and dad to share news of a fun night out or other things that were happening in their lives....of course after an hour or so of that it's a great relief when they also get off the bed!!


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