Friday, 29 April 2011

Big Boys Bed

We have been so lucky with Kobe as he has never ever attempted to climb out of his cot.  Because of that it has been so easy to just let him sleep in his cot for as long as possible.  The best thing has been is that he has still been having day time naps every second or third day as he has no choice as he can't get out of bed. It only takes about ten minutes and he is asleep, which has been great for me if I've had a bad night with Noah, as it means I could also have a nap if I needed to.

We have been talking about moving Kobe to a big bed for a while, but have been putting it off as we were worried about how he was going to go and whether he would be a pain, and just get out all the time.  We thought that this week may be a good week to do it, since we are on school holidays so two days ago Aaron put together Eden's old bed, that Kobe was lucky enough to inherit when they moved to the USA.  It's perfect as it is actually the same bed that both Jay and Harri have.

As soon as Aaron put it together Kobe decided that the best thing to do on his new bed was of course jump on it!

He then collected all his toys from his shelves and baskets and put them up on the bed with him. 

He was so funny and thought it was the best thing to have lots of his toys on the bed with him.

We were very worried about how he was going to go the first night.   All day we made a big fuss about what a big boy he was and how cool it was that he was in a big bed.  He happily said goodnight and got into bed and was very quiet for about half an hour.  Then Harri started getting ready for bed and turned the bathroom light on next to his room, which must've disturbed him as next thing we know Kobe appears in the lounge room with a HUGE grin on his face saying 'Hi!'. 

When I growled at him and told him it was bed time he burst into tears as I marched him back to bed. He was okay about going back to bed and ten minutes later he was sound asleep.

The thing we were most worried about was what was going to happen when he woke at his usual time in the morning (anywhere from 4.30 - 7am!).  If he wakes before 6am we just ignore his calling out and he usually goes back to sleep eventually.   We never go into him as he then just assumes it's time to get up.  He did his usual 5.30 am call out 'Muuuummmy, Daaaaddddy!' and I ignored him and was waiting to hear little footsteps up the hall after he realised that he could actually get up himself.

Instead he went quiet after ten minutes and had gone back to sleep! He then woke up at 6.30 am (a much more respectable time) and kept calling out to us.  He didn't even attempt to get up and there was no way I was going to yell at him to get up, or he would think he could do it all the time, so I went in and told him what a good boy he was in his big bed and that he could get up. 

Last night I went to check on the boys before we went to bed and I couldn't see Kobe anywhere in his bed! I started to freak out, until I saw his cute little legs poking out from under his bed! He was obviously in such a deep sleep and fell out, and just kept on sleeping (or had gotten out of bed to play and just feel asleep!). 

This morning he did the same thing as the morning before - called out at 5.30 am, didn't get up but went back to sleep until 7.15 am!  I then went into him and got into bed with him and told him what a good boy he is in his 'big boys bed'. He is very proud and loves that he is now in a big boys bed.  Now, if only I could get him potty trained I would be a VERY happy Mummy!


  1. Ha! The pic of his legs sticking out is so cute!!!! Good luck with it all!

  2. LOVE his big boy bed! (Love your lingo-- I'm assuming a cot is a crib?:) Good luck with the bed and potty training- oh the joys!!

  3. Oh, this post makes me really sad, because you are losing your baby, it is like you cutting his hair along with some of my other grandsons.
    Happy though that he loves his bed.
    Love Mum.

  4. Aw he seems too small to be in a big boys bed!! That video is a crack up, love the somersault! :)
    Also love the smile photo on the wall :)

  5. Oh I love the fact that he goes back to sleep, and that he didn't even attempt to get up.

  6. SUCCESS! You are so lucky! Seems like it was an easy transition.

  7. Yay! Funny how you worry about the's such a relief when its not as bad as you think it will be. That's our next step for Sisi. She was in a bed with Lani but now she's back on our floor. When we move again - she is going to her own bed. Hope she takes to it as quickly as Kobe did.


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