Thursday, 14 April 2011

My New Love

Two years ago I went to a demo for this amazing machine - it really is the most incredible kitchen appliance in the world. I knew it was very pricey before I went to the demo, and went along very sceptical about the whole thing.  As soon as I saw it in action though I LOVED it and came home raving to Aaron about how amazing it was, and even though it cost a lot of money, how fantastic it would be to have one.

It pretty much does everything you want a kitchen appliance to do - chops, beats, mixes, whips, grinds, kneads, minces, grates, juices, blends, heats, stirs, steams and weighs food. Can you believe that this little machine does all of that!?  You really can't believe it unless you go to a demo yourself and see it in action with your own eyes (and mouth as you get to try lots of yummy food straight after it's made!).

Last week my Auntie Deidre came and did a demo at our house.  It was fun to have some friends around to watch lots of yummy things made, and to try it all.

I was so excited for Aaron to see it as I had raved about it to him and I knew he would love it once he saw how it worked.  He was sold as soon as the sorbet was made in less than two minutes.

The most exciting thing was being able to put Noah's herbal bowel med through it so that we can now give it to him through his feeding tube, without it getting clogged.

We have been very blessed by having some very generous people help us out to get one.  Thank you to everyone and anyone who has contributed to it. Without the help of others it would've been very hard to buy it on our own.   We are so excited to have it to use at home, and know it's going to make our life a lot easier as preparing and making meals is now going to take no time at all.

We've only had it for two days but have already been cooking up a storm in it. I've been excited to find so many sites on the internet that have lots of yummy recipes to try.  I'm just hoping that I can control myself and not put on a ton of weight from all the yummy things we will be trying!


  1. i havent been to a presentation yet... but i want one after hearing what everyone says! they sound amazing

  2. yay! so cool that it helps Noah too.. I love not worrying if i have the right amount of this or that sugar or flour. I'm gping to branch out and try non food orientated things so we dont eat ourselves to death too!

  3. Looking forward to jan 2012!!!
    I'll get back to ya with a time!!

  4. I WANT ONE! (thou shalt not covet...thou shalt not covet) :) What a fantastic machine! ENJOY!!!


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