Thursday, 21 April 2011

Thursday Night Footy

Friday night footy has turned into Thursday night footy this week, with a game being played on Thursday, rather than Good Friday.  Harri's loves Fridays, as he knows he gets to stay up late to watch two quarters of footy with Aaron.  This morning before school he was raving on to me about how he gets to stay up late and have 'chips and fizz' with Dad, while they watched footy together.

Noah came home from school with the usual Easter treats he had made with Di - chocolates, an easter basket and a chicken.  Harri also came home with some eggs to share and a card for the family, but he had also made Aaron an extra card which made me smile.  He obviously thinks more about Buddy than the guy at Aurora did last weekend :(


  1. sorry Harri, but I given up on footy already this year... it's hard to keep up over here!!!
    have a good season :)

  2. so sweet...those are the drawings and cards i would frame and hang on the walls..trouble is there would be no room for anything perhaps a lamenator and some rings to bind the pieces together and Vaaahlllaaa a coffee table book for everyone to look at...those precious pieces of love should be shared and looked at often to remind us just how priceless are Gods gifts..our Children


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