Monday, 11 April 2011

Photo Shoot

During the week my friend Kylie asked me if I could take pics of their family for them ASAP. We did it on Saturday morning, very quickly as we only had half an hour, before one of the kids had to go to work.   Kylie's husband Corey is our bishop from church and the family is so lovely.

I'm always nervous when I take photos for people, and espeically for friends. I don't know if I'll ever stop feeling nervous, but I just hope I can give them something that they are happy with. Considering we only had half an hour, I'm happy with how they turned out.

 I love these ones of Kylie and Corey together.

Although I love taking photos of younger kids, it is so much easier taking photos of families with older kids.  Although they usually hate getting their photo taken, at least they do what you tell them without them running off at a million miles an hour. I know if it was a younger family we couldn't have got it done in half an hour.

Thanks for a fun morning guys! It was fun to do another photo shoot and to get some more practice before I do a very scary but exciting photo shoot early next year.


  1. gorgeous photos Lisa! what a great family. You shouldn't be nervous- you're a great photographer :)

    I still love the photos you took of us... and I get comments about them all the time.

  2. Great pics lisa! What a cool family!!

  3. cant believe how much the kids have grown up. WE loved getting to know the Baileys in Griffith and are glad they are Taswegians now!!! Photos are so fun Lisa.

  4. What beautiful pictures! You are so very talented!!!

  5. These are great Lisa! Love them all. Helps when you have a great family to shoot. Don't be nervous, but I know I would be too.

  6. nice pics there girl...very professional and relaxed.

  7. FABULOUS! Reason #34 why I wish we lived closer. (sigh) :)


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