Sunday, 17 April 2011

Battle of the Birds

Yesterday was the perfect autumn day for a game of footy. 

Di came and looked after Noah for us so we could all go to the game at Aurora Stadium - Hawks V Eagles.  We went along armed with jumpers, blankets and even hot chocolate made in the thermomix, expecting it to be a typical Tasmanian day - warm one minute...freezing the next, but the weather was perfect the whole game.

We have seats again this year with our Hawthorn memberships, and this year Mum and Nicki and Alex have all moved over from their posh seats to sit with the more vocal fans.

Kobe was excited to go to the footy and he was great last time, but this time he was a total pain.  After ten minutes he was over it and started moaning and saying he wanted 'hot chips'.  He kept complaining the whole time and when I said 'right! that's it! do you want to go home!?' (thinking it was a threat for him to sit down and behave) and he says 'yes please Mummy!'.  Little rat bag!

After a while he was distracted by Jalen and junk food.

 He obviously couldn't get the hot chips in quick enough!

Harri on the otherhand was totally engrossed in the game and filled out his footy record at the same time.

It was nice having Nicki and Alex and the kids close by as we got to see them lots, and Linc came and sat with us for a quarter.

We were thinking that Hawthorn would take it out fairly easily, but it was a very close and Hawthorn only just won by 7 points in the end.

Aaron was singing the theme song loud and proud before we left.


  1. Great photos! Looks like fun. Kobe is such a crack up! Especially with the hot chips :p

  2. Hot chips, are those french fries? :) And what a beautiful day!


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