Sunday, 25 April 2010

My Hero

ANZAC day to me is about thanking our heroes for what they have done for our country and remembering those who didn't make it back. My biggest hero in my life is my Pop and today is the first ANZAC day without watching him march proudly down the main street of Deloraine. We always love going out with the boys and watching him as he goes past with that proud look on his face.

To me ANZAC day will never be the same again, but it will always be a very special day to remember what those amazing and brave men and women did for us, and to remember the biggest hero of them Pop.


  1. Harry was always so proud and dignified, but especially on this day! He is such a special one. Thanks for the post x

  2. Those photos are so great. It was strange today without him. Simon and the kids still ducked out of church to go down. Simon said there were very few soldiers. I suppose every year it is just going to get less and less.

  3. I love the big colourful pics of Pop and the look on his face

    I miss him

  4. I used to love watching him. What a hero xxx

  5. What heroes to be so brave to go and fight for their unborn kids and grand kids. Lest We Forget (lovely post Lisa xx)


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