Saturday, 23 April 2011

Autumn Blog Header

I've been hanging out for some leaves to drop from the trees so we could finally take a photo for our autumn blog header.  I was excited a couple of days ago when I drove past the park and noticed lots of lovely orange leaves on the ground.  

The boys aren't all that keen on getting their photo taken for it, but know that if they just humor their poor old Mum it will be over with quickly and they can then have some fun...such as throwing acorns at each other - typical boys!

The boys decided they wanted to give Aaron a race...around the fountain and back again.

Aaron gave up half way around (getting old and unfit!).

I knew I could take him out, so gave him another challenge - to race me.  The guy that was near the fountain with his little boy was quite amused by us two oldies.  Of course Aaron couldn't keep up with a gym junkie like me and gave up half way through again!

It was fun to have a play in the leaves before we left.

I'm sure it's the first of many trips to play in the leaves before they are all gone. 


  1. and the new headers looks VERY VERY cool!

  2. i cant believe how much Jay's hair has grown since the big shave..... Love those Autumn leaves and the noise they make under foot... but they mean that winter is not far away...Bbbbbbrrrrrr

  3. haha, this one cracks me up. The photos are so great, I even laughed at the one with Noah and all the leaves! Gorgeous.


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