Saturday, 2 April 2011

Meeting Hugh

Last Wednesday the 30th March, Steph gave birth to a beautiful little boy - Hugh.  Today we were excited to go and meet him.  He was so bright and alert. Steph looked fantastic and Chloe was very excited to have a little brother. I'm sure Lachie is too, but girls just seem to show it more.

The boys weren't really fussed about meeting another cousin. I think it must be a boy thing as they really aren't that interested in babies, and only came over to say hi when I told them to, and gave him a quick 'Hi Hugh!' before they ran away to play with their other cousins.

Noah was a lot more interested than his brothers and turned his eyes straight to him when we put him up to his face.

He's a gorgeous little man and quite big, especially considering how tiny Steph is.

We now have ten boys in the family and three girls.  Uncle Chrish has already put his hand up to coach the footy team :) 


  1. I love the name Hugh! :)

    It's so cool how much Noah loves babies.

  2. what a gorgeous little baby! 10 boys... wow! Lisa think you need to add to the girls side.. lol

  3. Yes Lisa, you have not conrtibuted to the 'girl side' of the family, it's about time that you did! He looks a lot like Lachie, I think. BTW you're hair looks great, so glossy.

  4. he is so cute! And reminds me of Jack a bit as a new born ( and Lachie also of course!!)

  5. congrats to that wonderful little family...handsome little man...
    yep Aaron was looking a bit clucky there Lisa!!!!!

  6. So cute! I agree he looks like Lachie.


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