Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Cupping (and scraping!)

Since Noah was diagnosed with hydranencephaly, we have spent a lot of time looking into natural treatments to help him have the healthiest life possible. This includes regularly taking him to a chiropractor,and our friend Marlo who is a bioresinance therapist and giving him herbal remedies.

This doesn't mean that we don't use or believe in contemporary medical treatments as we know that Noah wouldn't be here today without the medications he is on and without interventions that he has needed.   We just believe that having a good balance of the different types of medicine helps him to be as healthy as possible.

Not only does Noah try natural treatments, but we also like to try it for ourselves and the boys when needed.   For a few years I have heard a lot about a Chinese doctor in Devonport.  I had heard that he has helped a lot of people with different ailments and finally decided to make an appointment for Aaron and myself to see him, while Aaron is on school holidays.  We have both have had a lot of improvement with our health after seeing our friend Marlo, but thought we'd try something else as well to see if it could help with Aaron's 'eczema' and my general health.

We didn't really know what to expect but heard that he did acupuncture and cupping.  On the way there we were arguing about who was going to go first, but he called my name first so there was no argument once we were there!  He looked into my eyes and said 'you not sick, but I can help' and told me what he was going to treat as there were blockages in certain parts of my body and then proceeded to treat me. First of all he scraped my body which actually hurt more than anything else, and then he applied an oil and the started doing 'cupping'.

It is a traditional Chinese medicine where the cups are applied to the skin and is supposed to increase the circulation at different accupuncture points, and promote healing.  He gave us an information sheet when we left and it said that cupping is supposed to purify the blood and increase red and white blood cells, increase the calcium levels in the blood, promote smooth circulation of the blood, strengthen the immune system, relieve symptoms, help you sleep better and promotes detoxification.

I started freaking out when I saw him with some fire, but when I realised that it was going nowhere near me, but was just used to heat up the cups I calmed down! :) I told him I was very nervous and he said 'I haven't killed anyone yet!'.  The cupping hurt a little, but was more uncomfortable than painful.  In the end it actually made me feel really good and although I've felt a bit wiped out since and like I've done 3 massive gym classes in a row or something, but that's all a part of it.  The worst thing of it all was when the woman gave me a massage at the end and told me all the things I should know about the next 24 hours and she said 'no exercise'. I was like 'so I can't go to the gym!?' and she said definitely not.  I was devastated I had to miss my favourite class tonight.

Kobe was quite excited about the circles on my back tonight.  He kept drawing circles in the air to tell me what they looked like and told me they were 'pink' (to him pink and purple are the same!).

The doctor told Aaron that he could help him and that his 'eczema' isn't actually eczema but actually a bacteria in his body that he needed to clear out.  It really makes sense as he has only had it for the past 16 years or so, after he touched some flowers on a flower farm that had some sort of chemical spray on them.  Fingers crossed that all these bruises will do as he says they will, and help him.

I asked him about Noah and he had a look in his eyes and said he didn't think he could do very much to help him because the blockages in his body were coming from his brain (or lack of it) rather than just blockages in energy flow, but did prescribe him with a tea that will hopefully soothe and cleanse his bowel out a bit more.

I actually liked that he said that rather than just telling me that he could help him, and then the treatment not working as we've had that happen before.  We took Noah to another guy who told us that if we had brought Noah to him as a baby rather than years later, that he could've 'fixed' him which of course is a load of rubbish, so needless to say we never went back.

We are going back again next week and despite what our backs look like, we both feel quite good after it and are looking forward to the next treatment.  Fingers crossed it will work, especially for Aaron's 'eczema' which causes him a lot of grief at times.


  1. oh wow - I am so excited for aaron - itchy skin is the worst!! hmmm do you need a referal and was he expensive?

  2. He is a strange little man isn't he?\You are the polka dot queen now.
    Love Mum.

  3. More witch DR stuff :) haha, hope it helps.

  4. Wow, this is completely new to me -what an interesting concept! Cheers to you for being brave enough to try it; I hope you see some wonderful results. Keep us posted!

    P.S. Shanon and Richard are coming this summer to visit again. Hooray!

  5. Have heard good reports about this guy as well. I heard there is a good one in Launceston as well a guy Ryan knows went to him and raves about the cupping and he only went once!
    Great that he was upfront and honest about treating Noah, nothing worse than having false hopes. Hope the tea works for him.

  6. I remember Nettie going to this guy! Hope you notice benefits of the treatment for yourself and Aaron.

  7. You were very brave. I bet you slept on your tummy last night!

  8. Really want to try it now! Good on you for trying hard with your health! We like a mixture of western and alternative medicine too.

  9. Ohh I love cupping, I learnt how to do this when I was studying massage therapy many moons ago. I really hope Aaron gets full benifits- very good for you both.

    You both look cute with your dots!

  10. I think you are very smart to combine natural medicine with conventional. I think they both have their place in this world. The pictures make me cringe though. But if you feel better than I guess it was worth it?

  11. eeeek! You guys are brave!

  12. I don't know how I missed this post! WOW!! That looks amazing! Has it continued to help?

  13. Great thing to have the best massage without this scary result.


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