Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Last Week of Summer Holidays

It's crazy (and sad) to think it's the last week of school holidays already! It's incredible how fast it goes.  We have enjoyed being out of routine, but in lots of ways I am looking forward to having my normal routine back again next week.  I've been very random at the gym over the holidays and man my body is letting me know! The couple of times I go a week I feel like I have lost a lot of fitness, and yesterday I did Pump for the first time in week (a weights class) and today my body is aching all over! Usually I don't feel sore after classes anymore - serves me right for not going as often.

We thought it would be fun to get all the gym girls and our families together at the Bike Centre before holidays finish.  We did the same thing at the end of last summer and it was a really warm night, but was pouring with rain, but we still had a fantastic time playing in the rain.  I was actually hoping maybe it would rain again, but we had a nice night for it.

We couldn't have a gym girls get together without having our gym boys there too.  James and Thomas are two of our favourite trainers, and came along with Thomas' family.  We love Thomas' classes and we don't even mind when he yells at us to work harder, because he motivates us and makes classes fun.   One day maybe we will be as fit as they are (in our dreams - we have to keep reminding ourselves we are almost double their age and have a lots of kids between us!).

 Kellie's kids are already back at school (lucky Kell!).  I'm sure she's enjoying having the house a bit quieter with the boys gone in the day, especially now that she has Erryn keeping her busy.

 Kobe was excited to see Charlotte, as she hasn't been at the gym lately.  

Noah slept most of the night away, and finally woke up just before we left.

The kids had lots of fun playing together.

and so did some of the adults! Check out Aaron and James on their purple 'girlfriend' bikes! 

It was lovely to catch up with everyone.  Jacquie is always going to be considered a 'gym girl' even if she doesn't come anymore :)

It's now only seven weeks or so until Simone has her little one.  I'm hoping by then Kellie will be back on board at the gym, as it's pretty lonely at the moment having no gym buddies at the gym as Simone has been busy over the summer.   Hopefully after next week Simone and I will both be back at the gym, claiming back our back corner.

The only thing missing tonight was our gym buddy who is across the other side of the world.  We miss you Lisa and hope that by our next summer bike centre catch up, you will be back with us.


  1. LOVE the bike centre. Can't believe its the last week of school sad :(

  2. That seemed to have FLOWN by! Makes me anxious for our summer...still months away though.

  3. Miss you ALL xxx
    Erryn looks so cute...
    Good to see the boys here...
    can someone book a spot for next year.. PLEASE xx

  4. Dang it, I thought I'd gotten away without a photo!!! :) The kids had a ball. Even when they are too old to want to come, we will still have to do this. Yeah we definitely missed you Woody xx

  5. Looks so fun! :)
    Is photo #4 REALLY Kobe!!??


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