Friday, 25 February 2011


Without fail for the past 4-5 years I have had bronchitis.  Last year I got it when Noah was in hospital, and it was awful trying to help him get well when I was feeling sick myself.

A few days ago about lunch time my throat started hurting, my glands were swollen and I got an awful headache which is very unusual as I hardly ever get headaches. I couldn't sleep as my throat was so sore and headache was so bad and then the next morning I woke up with an awful cold, and my temp was up.

I thought that it was just going to be an awful cold, but it started to go to my chest as usual and I'm pretty sure I have bronchitis again.  I can't believe it has happened so early this year! It's still (supposed to be) summer!  The first day with it was so bad. I knew I was really sick as I didn't even go near the computer and didn't feel like facebooking or blogging at all! That's how bad it was!;)

I don't even bother going to the doctor about it anymore (who needs to when you have Dr Steve in the house!?;) as I know exactly how it feels and I don't like taking antibiotics for it unless I really have to, so there isn't any need to go to the doctor.

Instead I rang our friend who is a bioresinance therapist and asked if she could fit me in for a treatment.  Luckily she had a spot and I went and had a treatment on her Ondamed machine.  It's hard to explain how it works, and probably sounds very strange to a lot of people,  but I know how much it has helped us with our health so we always ring her first when one of us isn't feeling well.  The machine works on the bodies flow of energy and restores balance where the energy flow isn't right. In other words it gets your body to help heal itself faster.

After the treatment I have to say that although I'm still not well, my chest was feeling so much better just a few hours later and it didn't hurt to cough anymore.  Usually the chesty part would drag on for a lot longer.  I've also been taking lots of supplements that she recommended and homeopathic drops that she made up. 

I've been keeping Kleenex in business buying up their aloe vera tissues and have gone through two boxes in two days! The first day I couldn't move off the couch or bed, but now that I'm starting to improve wherever I go, a pile of tissues sits.

This afternoon I Skyped with Lisa on Jay's bed, and I don't think she appreciated me blowing in her face - sorry Lisa :)

I've hated missing the gym and was tempted to go this morning, but with the way I'm feeling I know there is no way I could do anything.  I'm still not great, but definitely on the way up. I just hope I haven't passed it onto too many people - sorry Simone!


  1. yucko, that sucks Lisa... the amount of tissues everywhere made me laugh! Hope you get over it soon... got lots of those Marlo drops everywhere here!!!

  2. Hang in there and get feeling better soon!!!

  3. sorry to hear that you are not well...just have to ride those sorts of things out...lots of rest and take that olive leaf and sambuck..great stuff...get well soon and with Dr Steve about i am sure you will!!!!!

  4. Good to hear your on the way up and that the treatments and things are working. Going to book in to take Amelia some time in the next couple of weeks so will let you know how things go.
    Keep resting :)

  5. Poor love! I am with you all the way on your choice of treatment though. We always dose up on olive leaf and homeopathics! Olive leaf can be taken every day too to boost your immune system.

  6. TOO much information! (stay tuned for my post about the effects of prune juice:)
    Hope you are feeling much better soon.

  7. i would rather have you reaching for the tissues, than no lisa at all...:D

  8. bluck! that sounds horrible! can you stop it from reoccurring at all?

  9. Sick in the SUMMER?!? Are you feeling better yet? UGH!


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