Thursday, 3 February 2011

When you have hydranencephaly...

having multiple disabilities isn't the hardest part - it's all the medical issues that come along with it.  Because Noah has hydranencephaly, he also has cerebral palsy.  Because he has cerebral palsy, he also has poor bone density, which means he can break a bone very easily.

On Tuesday night I remember Kobe tripping over Noah's leg or dropping something on it. I can't remember what it was,  but I just remember telling Kobe to say sorry to Noah and to give him a kiss, which he did.  I noticed that night when I changed his nappy that he was sore when I would pick up his legs, but that often happens so I didn't think anything else of it.

Yesterday after we got home from our trip to Tasmazia, Di said that Noah had a very sore leg and that whenever she touched it he would cry out.  I had a look and he was so tense and breathing really heavily like he was in pain.  He had his usual appointment with our awesome chiropractor, so I took him down and asked what she thought.  She said she thought it may be ligaments, but couldn't tell for sure and said to strap it up to give him some support.

Every time we moved him last night he cringed in agony and had a lot of extra seizures because he was stressed.  I gave him some neurofen and knew this morning when he got up and was still in agony that it was time to see the doctor. The GP had a look and feel and saw how much pain he was in, and said 'yep, pretty sure it's fractured' and said we could either get an x-ray and then plaster it, or just plaster it.  I already had a feeling he was going to say that, so I told him to just plaster it as I knew he was in so much pain that it had to be broken, and didn't want to waste time getting an x-ray, especially when he was in pain even just going over bumps while we were driving.

Luckily the break is down low, and he doesn't need as much plaster as the last time he broke his leg.

 It's going to be so much easier to care for him this time while the plaster is on for a month. He won't be as hard to lift as he was last time as he has a lot less plaster on, and thank goodness we are in our new house as it means we can still shower him, even with the plaster on (we will just have to cover it with a plastic bag). Last time he didn't have a bath for more than a month, but had to have sponge baths all the time which was really hard.

Today we were stalking the Hawks again in town (totally legit - they were there for activities and signing - we don't just walk around town stalking them!) and Sam Mitchell saw Noah and said to him 'you are always around' and Aaron said to him that today he has some bonus plaster, and Sam asked what happened, and straight away pulled out his pen and signed it for him saying 'get well soon champ!', without us even asking which was nice.

As I said to our GP is never boring when Noah is around. 


  1. oh man! what a bummer of a time to be in plaster. Hope the next month goes by quickly :)

  2. so sorry about your leg Noah, feel better quick. Hugs

  3. Poor Noah, but it will be heaps easier for you to look after him a this time, because of the new bathroom.
    Are you going to frame the plaster when it is removed? lol
    Love Mum
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    betakera (get it/)

  4. Poor Noah :( What a pain to break a leg when so close to going back to school AND while it is so warm!

  5. Hope your leg heals quick Noah. It wouldn't be nice to have bones that get broken so easily.

  6. Oh Noah! Poor little man :(
    But he does have the CUTEST toes ever! I have never noticed as he is usually all rugged up from the cold weather!

  7. oh no :(... i hope recovery is quick for Noah's sake and yours.
    Good that you're in your new house this time round.
    hope he heals real quick.

  8. Oh Noah! Ouch!!
    Prayers for a quick recovery without too much pain..

  9. Poor Noah!!
    hope it's a quick recovery...
    Hpw much did Nathan charge!! hahah

  10. Oh poor boy. I wish I could give him a kiss and sign his cast! Love you Noah! Thank you for the T. devil you sent to Caleb! We LOVE it!! xoxox

  11. Oh Noah! Poor boy. :( I hope your leg gets better really soon and that it doesn't cause you much pain. We LOVE you!!!


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