Monday, 7 February 2011

Jack's Blessing

Yesterday was a special day for this little man.
 Yesterday was Jack's blessing.

No blessing is complete without a family lunch afterwards.  Luckily Chrish was still down to man the BBQ for us :) Kobe was devastated when we dropped him off at the airport later that night.
I'm still pinching myself when I realise that Jay is going to be starting grade 6 next week! 

Not long now till Eden and Steph will have another little one to bless as well.


  1. So wonderful for Jack to have you all there for his special day!

    Love the photo of Mr Linc, he's sooo cut.

  2. Lovely :)
    Love the pic of Linc and the one of your mum & Lauchie.. I am loving all the b&w ones, i have a real thing for them at the moment!

  3. What a FUN day! And I just love the pictures....sweet.

  4. What a lovely day! The pictures are beautiful!

  5. I admire your life. The pictures are really nice. Nice day.

  6. That one of Mum and Lachie is wonderful! Becky is so pretty. I too love the black and white photos.
    Have any of you guys been sick since then? Maddi and Alex have gastro and were up chucking in the wee hours of this morning. Hope the love didn't spread!

  7. who is the photographer again??????? just remind me will you....go and enter that earthspot will you woman.......
    Just captured the moment in them all.....


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