Wednesday, 2 February 2011


At the beginning of the school holidays we asked the boys what they would like to do on the holidays.  Harri came up with the usual things 'the aquatic centre, movies and bowling'.  Jalen though has been wanting to go to Tasmazia for the past year or so, and today we finally got there.  We planned on going a few weeks ago but it was the day before YW camp when we got flooded out and it was pouring with rain ALL day long.  Jay was so disappointed, so we knew we would go today...rain, hail or shine as school holidays are almost over :(

We picked up Mum and Chrish on the way, and met Nicki and Becky and the kids there.  It still cracks me up that it's at a place called 'The Promised Land'.

 Jay was excited until he saw this sign right at the beginning of the big maze.

Kobe decided he didn't want any supervision and kept taking off on his own little route on his own.

The kids loved it when we reached 'Cubby Town'.

Thanks Chrish for letting me steal your photo! ;) 

 There was lots of fun cubbys for them to play in, but this was not one of them! It was a little bit too dark for the little kids, but Jay thought it was fantastic.

Especially when you walked through the pitch black dark, to reach the middle and saw this.

It was a fun day with lots of cool things to look at.

I loved this house in the town of 'Lower Crackpot' the best, although it made me miss Noah.  We weren't sure how his wheelchair would go in the mazes, so planned a full day of In Home Support with Di, so that we could go without him. When Jay realised that he wasn't coming he said 'oh that's good, it will be easier without him', which is true, but even though it's easier I always miss having him with us, especially when we are doing something fun together like today.

I always love when the cousins get together.

Jack is so cute and growing up so fast.

We were lucky with the weather early on, but it quickly started drizzling as we had almost seen everything.  Harri was excited to put on his Chickenfeed poncho and stand in the drizzle.

Despite the weather it was a fun day and I'm glad Jalen got his school holiday wish.


  1. Never been there... What a slack Tasmanian I am!!!! I will go when I get back...:)

  2. i love that place...did you have Raspberry pancakes at the cafe there????? so huge... one would feed a family!!!!!

  3. We'll have to go there one day.
    (It's that photo of Maddi in the hat that reminds me of your Mum!)

  4. So Lisa is it wheelchair friendly? I have wanted to take the kids for a while but was not sure if we could get into it with Charlotte's chair.

  5. Ange - you could really take a wheelchair. It's flat, but the ground is just regular ground so requires a bit of muscle as it's not pathed or anything in the mazes, but it has baths in the part with the little houses etc.
    Becky had her pram and the woman told her that wherever there were stairs (some parts of the maze you could go up and over stairs), there was another direction that you could take the pram around.
    I would take Charlotte if you decided to go - you could definitely cope okay with her there - just be aware that you may need to use a bit of muscle.

  6. It was a great day, rain and all!

  7. Thanks Lisa will take Charlotte and Ryan!

  8. What a REALLY fun and interesting place. I'm glad Jalen got his wish and is the school Holiday really over? How long is it? We get 2 1/2 months over here. (well, depending on how many snow days we have) :)


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