Saturday, 19 February 2011

Kobe the Poser

Jalen has been loving his iPod touch that he got for Christmas.  He uses it for many things including listening to music, watching YouTube videos, playing games and his favourite thing to do is making videos on it.

The other day he came to me laughing as he had set up Kobe, and had his iPod on the bookshelf videoing the whole time.  He kept knocking on Harri's door and then running away when Kobe would come to open it.  The video is hilarious as Kobe obviously spots the iPod and decides to pose and carry on the whole time.

Check him out!


  1. Pity he is so shy and inhibited!! lol
    Love Mum.

  2. Definitely not a shy kid. So funny.

  3. Hilarious Kobe! I'm amazed he doesn't pick it up.

  4. Little Mr Poser that is for sure... and so sure that the tecnology was working in his favor too... (i wouldnt have known if it was even on!!!!)

  5. Hahahahahahaha!!!!
    That made me laugh out loud. He's such a hilarious little dude. I'm so pleased that he's actually saying words now. That's the first time I've heard him say words like 'Harri', and 'no'. grow up too fast :/

  6. He's the BIGGEST ham. :) I love that boy. I'm laughing that he totally spotted the IPOD and started performing. Silly boy.

  7. It really didn't take him long to spot the ipod..about a second??? one-up to Kobe.. He is growing up...such a cheeky monkey....the boys will be teaching him Michael Jackson dance steps soon....

  8. Fiona - he is actually talking heaps now - doesn't shut up. He was just making silly noises to amuse himself I think. :)


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