Friday, 23 April 2010


Last night was the KMHS fair. Aaron and I arranged for 'Hawka' to come for an hour which the boys were excited about. When I turned up with the boys Aaron was just about to walk outside with the Hawka costume on! The person who was supposed to be in it hadn't shown up so Aaron of course volunteered to do it! How excited does he look!!

The girl from Hawthorn gave him the big talk about what Hawka does and doesn't do and he said to her 'don't worry - if you know how much the club means you would know I wouldn't do anything to disgrace the club'. He then showed her his moves with the hi-fives, thumbs up and a few dance moves and she said 'this is going to be great!'.

The boys were cracking up laughing when they saw him...that was until he put the head on and then Kobe started to freak out a little bit and kept backing away from him.

Once Aaron went outside Kobe realised that it was actually Hawka and couldn't get enough of him. He kept on following him around waving to him and wouldn't leave him alone.

Aaron said it was a hot and sweaty hour, but lots of fun. The funniest thing was his comment about how you got 'random people come up for a photo like older men'. I couldn't stop laughing as I had to remind him that HE is usually one of those 'random older men' going up to Hawka for a photo and his excuse was 'only for the boys'. Yeah right Aaron....we all know what a big kid you really are :)


  1. I can't believe guys and Hawthorn! So, Is Aaron going to see if he can get this gig full-time? I wont be at all surprised if your next blog post is about Jalen making the team!!!!

    P.S and with the way they're going at the moment he'd be a top contributor :)

  2. Can we hire him for parties?
    Lauren still doesn't want his autograph:)

  3. I think he's missed his calling Lisa - imagine how close he could get to all the players if he became 'hawka' and also get to every game....

  4. Oh Aaron... there are hardly words! haha

  5. How awesome Aaron. Go Hawka! what a hoot!


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