Monday, 12 October 2009

Biggest Loser Bob!

We heard that the winner of last season's Biggest Loser - Bob, was going to be at Sports Authority on Saturday. We had a very busy day with three games of basketball for Jalen, and the Boy from Oz but Jay LOVES the show so much and we knew that Bob was a member of our church, so we really wanted to go down to meet him. I went and did a class at the gym before meeting him and was feeling very inspired after meeting him and seeing how slim he still is.

It's incredible that he has lost so much weight. He was showing us some photos that he had collected and he just seems like a totally different man. He asked Jay who his favourite on the show was and Jay was like 'um, I can't remember' and I said 'it was Bob wasn't it Jay!?' (stirring him up as I knew he loved Nathan). We told Bob how Jay and Harri would put on their coloured tops each night to watch the show and would pretend they were on different teams. I think Jay was a bit overwhelmed by meeting a 'celebrity' and was very shy and quiet. I stirred him and asked him if he was being shy and Bob told Jay that being famous doesn't mean anything.

We straight away told him we were church members and he was so excited and showed us his CTR ring.

He told us that during taping they would ask him questions and he would often put in phrases that were from church hymns or teachings hoping they would show that part but said they always seemed to edit them out. He said they asked him how he just kept on going and he replied 'I would just put my shoulder to the wheel and push along'! We had a good laugh about that.

He told us that the Biggest Loser USA followed their progress and flew them over for the finale of the US version this year. He said he was so excited to find out that four of the contestants on the US show were also church members and showed us photos of him and Tiffany with them.
It was fantastic to meet him and to hear how his faith and family had inspired him. He told me that every morning they would get up extra early to go and pray in the morning before the others got up and they never prayed that they would win, but that they would be kept safe and that the other teams wouldn't conspire against them. Obviously it worked as they ended up winning and I'm sure he has gone on to inspire a lot of other people to lose weight.

We invited him to come along to church with us yesterday and he said he would've loved to as he has missed so much church since being on the show and doing lots of promotional work since, but he had to fly out so he wouldn't be able to. He gave us his email address so we could email him the photo we got taken together and we are hoping to keep in touch.


  1. What a great guy! We were hoping that he would win and were happy when he did. Also shows how humble he is, and great that he was happyily chatting about the church, and that he wears his CTR ring! I completely forgot that he was going to be their only remembered when I saw Helen on facebook.

  2. oh that's so brilliant! Good for him. I love it how your boys get so into shows... wearing the t-shirts!! he he!

  3. Don't mean to being a downer, but what happened to the W.O.W.?
    Love Mum.
    P.S. He looks great, and I didn't even watch the show.

  4. oh, I wish we had known on Saturday he was going to be in town. Devin got to know Bob whilst he was on his mission and would have loved to catch up with him. oh well.

  5. it's always interested me that when you win a show that's all about loving yourself to look after yourself you win the title of 'bigest loser' pretty harsh haha jks! What an amazing effort he's WAY skinny now!

  6. I'm just wondering if you wearing your BYU Idaho top would have given away that you were a member? :) haha

  7. I didn't actually realise I was wearing that till I got there as I had it on for the gym, but he didn't even notice it.

    Anna - sorry I didn't realise Dev knew him or I would've checked if you were going to see him. Aaron heard about it on the radio and supposedly it was in the paper too.

  8. so awesome. i didn't see that series, but must have been exciting for you (and especially jay) to meet cool he's a member!

  9. That is so cool! I was thinking the same thing-surely he noticed the shirt? LOVE it btw ;)

  10. Thats so cool! I loved the biggest loser this year!! WOO! So glad that Bob won!!! he sounds like a really awesome guy!!!

  11. How cool is that!!! I didn't get to see the show either this year - but heard all about Bob winning. So cool you got to go and have a chat!

  12. You are getting to meet some pretty cool celebs!! What a great achievement for him.


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