Friday, 16 October 2009

1.5 km

First of all - everything is okay! I know I haven't blogged for 4 days and it's very unlike me, but it has been a flat out week and I just haven't had the chance. You can breathe easy now ;)

I'm not a runner at all - actually I hate it with a passion. I like how I feel after I have gone for a run, but if I am on the treadmill at the gym I just watch the clock and how far I have run and wish the time would hurry up. I love doing cardio classes at the gym and can last in them for an hour or more, but to just get on a treadmill and go for a run is so boring. If I run for a kilometer or two I think I have done well to last that long and get off as soon as I can.

Today Jalen had his athletic carnival and ran in the 1500 meters - 1.5 km!!! That is more than I like to run and these kids are only little - especially Jay! He did really well and didn't stop the whole time (and he didn't even have an ipod to listen to or a TV to watch! :).

I love spending time with the boys at school. It's lovely to see Jay with his good friend Katherine - they are like best mates and just love hanging out together.
I hope they are in the same class next year, but the chances are pretty slim since they are in different grades .

Kobe always loves going to school and is always cuddled by all of Jay's class mates.

Kobe is going to be just like Harri and ready for school way earlier than when he's allowed to start. He already cries everytime we have to leave.


  1. It's great that Jae has the stamina to run all that way.
    You are right about Kobe. He will love school.
    Love um.

  2. It almost seems like Jay only just had his cross country. Good on Jay for running all that way.

  3. Must get his competitive spirit from his mum;) Go JAY!!...i can't even run around the block!

  4. Look how red Kobe's hair is!!
    Love Mum.

  5. Well done Jalen! Im with you on the running thing-I HATE it with a passion! I always seem to be mysteriously sick on cross country days at school! ;)

    In the picture of Jalen holding Kobe, Kobester looks soooo much like you!!

  6. Well done Jalen - fantastic effort!


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