Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Cartoon Kings

I knew Makayla was working on something for one of her art projects at school, but wasn't sure what it was as she wanted it to be a surprise. She invited me to come to her art exhibition at school this morning to check out her work. Imagine my surprise when I saw this!!!

She has done such an awesome job. I think everyone looks so much like they do in real life - especially Jalen. It was a very special surprise and we love it! Thanks Makayla - I've never been a cartoon before! It's VERY cool.


  1. You'll have to get her to draw Noah's teeth in now that they've finally arrived! ;)

    That's soo awesome. You're very clever, Makayla! :)

  2. Oh wow you actually did something with the photos you took! I shouldn't be so surprised!!! =P
    Thanks for coming =)

  3. What a great cartoon! A very talented young lady that's for sure. Well done Makayla and lucky King family to have such a great piece of art!

  4. That is amazing, but you were 'Marge' from The simpsons' before that.
    Love Mum.

  5. OH to be immortalized in cartoon ....how awesome...great job Makayla...they really do look like the KIngs...do you take commissions?????

  6. Thats awesome Makayla, Hope you get good grades for it.

    Love the punk hair colours. haha

  7. Haha everyone sounds so surprised saying "oh it actually DOES look like the Kings" Duh- i wouldnt have let her see it if it didn't!! ;)
    Commissions... Hmm depends if you mean do i take orders for people to be painted or if i take money for the paintings that i do ;)
    (I know- NERD!)

  8. thats soooo cool, very clever! Love the cubby house too

  9. Mak showed me this post at my house and explained to me how it all came about. Not how it was done tho......apparently that's a trade secret!! What wonderful talent she has.


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