Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Punchbowl Devils

This weekend is the Primary School Basketball Championships. Jalen was asked to play on his school's grade 3/4 team and was so excited to play until he heard it was running over Saturday and Sunday. We had a talk about it and decided that we would let the school know he could play on the Saturday but not on Sunday and he was worried they wouldn't let him play, but they were more than happy for him to play just when he could.

One of the boys Mum's from school organised and coached the team. They borrowed some tops from her son's basketball team and were therefore called 'the devils'. They have been training for a few weeks one night a week after school. As usual Jay ended up being one of the shortest players on the team.

Today they are playing three games - starting at 8.50 am and the last game tonight is at 6.50 pm. The first game this morning was a bit early for Noah and he decided to sleep right through it as usual.

This morning they played against Mowbray Heights Primary - Aaron's old primary school. Aaron kept stirring Jay that he was going to go for Mowbray since it was his old school. It was a really rough and fast game and Mowbray won by quite a lot.

The boys were excited to go and watch and see all of Jay's friends on a Saturday.

The game this afternoon was against non other than Deloraine Primary School - my old primary school!! I then got to stir Jay that I was going to be going for them instead of Punchbowl ;) Aaron was excited when it turned out that Jay was number 5 which is actually Jalen Rose's number in the NBA.

Mum came along this afternoon and watched the game too. Kobe loved having her there.

Jay's teacher Kate also came along to watch as four of the boys were from her class. Jay was so excited to see her as she hasn't been at work this week and they have had a relief teacher. He was excited to tell her all the things they had been doing this week.

Mum and Kate must've been the lucky charm as they won this afternoon's game by 4 points. Jordan's Mum did a great job of coaching the boys. She kept telling them the main thing was to have fun and it didn't matter if they won or lost.

She made it lots of fun for them and was always encouraging them and the boys were excited as she brought them juice, lollies and chocolate for after the games! Tonight Jay will only be able to play half a game as he is also performing in The Boy from Oz at the Princess Theatre as part of the Punchbowl Primary School choir! I took him to see it last night so he could see what the show was about before being in it, so we had a very late night He is going to be VERY tired tomorrow.


  1. Well done Jalen! Have fun in the Boy From Oz tonight.

  2. Wooh go Jalen! Looks like fun!

    He's so lucky they still let him play even though he couldn't do Sundays, Chey was told he couldn't play at all if he didnt play Sundays, in the same roster in Del, so he missed out.

  3. you just reminded me that i have to ring Kate Thanks... hope Jay had fun.

  4. We did the same with Sarra. She played the Sat only but at the Silverdome. Did it make you miss playing?

  5. Simone - I LOVE basketball but I actually don't miss it at all. Sarah and I have filled in with the old mollies team a few times this year and I enjoy it when I'm there, but can't say I miss or love it anymore. I must be getting old ;)


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