Saturday, 31 October 2009

Early Summer?!

Once the mercury hits above 20 degrees celcius in Tassie everyone gets very excited! Especially after the very long, wet winter we have just had. Today it was 26 degrees and we were all loving it!

It was very warm early in the morning and while we were out today the boys noticed that the outdoor pools and waterslide at the aquatic centre were finally open. They begged us to take them there. Kobe was due for a sleep and it's so hard to take Noah anywhere for too long at the moment as he is usually grumpy and it would've been too cold in the water for him and too hot sitting in the sun. Luckily we had Mum staying with us (as we all went to see the Michael Jackson movie together last night which was great!), so she kindly offered to stay home with Noah and Kobe while we went to the pool. It was nice to have a choice of either the outdoor pools or inside pools.

The boys were SO excited to be able to go on the new waterslide again. At first Harri was saying he was scared and didn't want to go on it, but once he got up to the top he decided it looked like heaps of fun and couldn't wait to get on it.

The slide looks really small and tame but is actually very fast and windey which makes it lots of fun.

Harri was so funny. He screamed the whole way down and on the way back to the top he was yelling 'I was screaming - 'Thriller, thriller night!'. I think he has been listening to a little too much MJ!

The boys had a lot of turns and then begged us for some more turns. Harri was having a ball - he is such a dare devil - nothing like Jalen was at the same age.

Jalen is finally becoming more adventurous and had a few turns off the high diving board.

Aaron had a go too and I think he was just as scared as Jay was! They tell me it looks higher up there than on the ground - I think they were just trying to cover up that they were both freaking out! ;)

It was nice to run into Phebe, Eliza, Lizzie and Emily.

It was a big change hanging out at the pool together, to being at boot camp like last weekend.

The boys had lots of fun playing in the pools outdoors...

and then decided to spend some time back inside in the bucket pool. I love this pic of Lizzie getting water dumped on her by Eliza.

The boys crack me up as they fight like cats and dogs, but they are best mates most of the time.

No trip to the pool is complete without being dumped on by the bucket at least once. I had to join the girls for a turn.

Hopefully this is the start of an early and long summer in Tassie. Can't wait!


  1. Great photos Lisa. Love the way you did the ones of Aaron jumping off the diving board. Too cool!!!

  2. It was such a great day!!! Looks like heaps of fun! Can't believe the outdoor pools are open-wish i lived in town!! Bring on summer!!! =)

  3. Jae looks like one of Michael Jackson's dancers coming up from the bottom of the stage.
    Love Mum.

  4. Love it that you have a "screamer"..i have a record for that on the Dismal Swamp slide...not much claim to fame i know ..but oh well who wants to be famous!!! Love the last youthful and happy....

  5. when you say 'youthful' Nettie I'm sure you are talking about me right!!?.... :D

  6. Sure looks like fun, hard to believe you guys are starting into summer when it is just getting cool here.

  7. Such a fantastic place for the kids. We are so lucky they get to grow up with it such a great facility so close. Patrick and Lauren are there with their cousins now.


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