Wednesday, 7 October 2009


When you have four boys you expect them to come home from school with holes in their knees, or grass stains and dirt all over them. You would expect that from boys - but not from grown men!!!

Yesterday Aaron got home from work and Jay yells out 'what is all that dirt on your back Dad!!?'. Aaron turns around and has a huge grass stain and dirt all over his shirt! He likes to get 'dressed up' for school and wears a shirt and tie most days which isn't always a good idea when you are teaching Sports Skills.

He is feeling VERY inspired with the new free high definition channels we recently got in Tassie. It's driving me insane as all he's watching now is sport. He is in heaven as he has followed American football, the NBA and American baseball ever since I have known him, but has never had the opportunity to really watch games live except for years ago when we had Austar for a while.

For Sports Skills yesterday he thought he would teach the kids some American football. Needless to say he got VERY involved in playing with them and came home very excited about it all. I wasn't so excited about his shirt!

He is playing again today and decided a shirt and tie wasn't really appropriate for playing American football in. Boys!!!


  1. ALL boys are the same - Kyle always comes home stinky and dirty! hahaha

  2. Oh great! I thought you might get some time off during the off season.

  3. Go Aaron, enjoy yourself.

  4. just make him wash it himself i reckon.....

  5. One step ahead of you Annette - already made him wash it himself :)

  6. Haha. Classic. It's weird, though, this is like deja vu. I felt like I already knew this story before it showed up on the blog! ;)

  7. Haha! The joys i have to look forward too... If i have boys...
    Did the dirt stain actually come out??

  8. That's pretty lame Aaron! Coulda had a couple of rips in it to make it look tough!


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