Monday, 26 October 2009

Cubby Construction

Back in April, Aaron's school held an 'I wish to be' day for Make a Wish. Aaron spoke in assembly about Make a Wish and the wish they granted Noah and showed them a DVD clip I had made about his wish. It obviously touched a lot of them and the kids in the Building and Construction class decided they wanted to do something to help families like ours and thought about building cubby houses to bring joy to sick kids and their families. The teacher Ben asked Aaron if the boys had a cubby, and when he told them he didn't he asked him if they would like one. Of course the boys were VERY excited about it.

The class decided to build three cubby houses. They knew of two other children who had conditions that meant they were often sick and wanted to bring them some joy as well. The class only meets once a week which meant it has been a slow process as they have been putting the framework together, but today the boys were so excited as they came to construct the rest of the cubby in our backyard.

Aaron told me that they would be here and the teacher Ben came by yesterday with a few things, but I didn't expect quite so many people here all day! It was quite exciting and also overwhelming to know that they were there doing something so special for the boys.

The class has ten guys and one girl in it. I asked the girl if she liked the class and she said she did and actually wants to get an apprenticeship next year as a builder. Harri stayed outside with them the whole time and loved checking things out. He chatted away to them the whole time and kept telling them how excited he was for the cubby. He even joined in on their pizza lunch!

At one stage I saw him sitting with two guys and heard him say 'and no Mums!', and I asked him what he was talking about and he said 'no Dads and no Mums are allowed in the cubby!'. The guys were cracking up.

Kobe loved being outside too and wanted to keep an eye on what was going on (and play with the power tools!).

The class was here for over three hours - with Harri outside with them the entire time. It was exciting to watch it all come together.

All of the material were donated by local businesses after the class told them what the materials would be used for. The Examiner even ran a story about it a few months back.

We are feeling so overwhelmed, lucky and grateful today for people being so thoughtful and kind. I don't believe that our boys miss on things as we try to do the little things in life with them that they will hopefully remember all their lives, but they do deal with a lot because of Noah's condition. They don't know any different but we are always aware of the things they have to deal with every single day, and are so happy that they are able to have been given something so special.

It was so cute hearing Harri say to one guy as they were leaving 'thank you for my cubby!', and the kid saying 'no problem mate!', back to him.

Jalen was so excited to see the finished project after school today.

It isn't totally finished yet - still waiting on some perspex for the windows, a door and they are even going to build Noah a ramp so he can go straight in as well! We also have to paint the back wall with blackboard paint.

Noah actually seemed to love it in there this afternoon. His eyes lit up and he was so alert and aware and wondering what was going on.

I know the boys are going to love spending many hours out there together.


  1. That is sooo nice! I was almost crying reading about that. =) What were you going on about saying its nothing 'too exciting' happening today???! Some of my best memories as a little kid were in my cubby house!!!

  2. Fantastic - that is a VERY cool cubby!

  3. so cool - it is huge...i wasn't imagining it to be that big. they did such a good job. might have to come over for a play (if harri will let me in!!)
    perfect timing for summer too!

  4. that is so fantastic. What a great project. I have wanted to build a cubby for our kids for ages. I think I might need a few helpers (or 10) It looks fabulous.

  5. What an amazing thing those kids have put together - helping someone but such an authentic way to learn the skills of design and building. Kudos for the teacher guiding them through that. More judos to the kids for their efforts.

    The cubby looks fantastic and the boys look so thrilled to have it there. Such a lovely post to read.

  6. okay - it was pretty exciting Makayla - especially for the boys :)

  7. Can Noah and I just hang out in there tomorrow? I love cubbies! ;) ;)
    That's so cool!!! All of the boys are so good with Noah, especially Jay. :)
    That's very exciting news! :)
    Great pictures, too.

  8. That is so much bigger than I thought it would be.
    Harri would have loved everyone around, and the Kobester as well.
    What a great place to have a sleep in when the weather gets hot.
    Tell Harri I want to have a sleepover in it with him and Jae, and it is great that their will be a ramp for Noah, and better still, Aaron can sleep there when he is in the 'doghouse' lol
    Love Mum.

  9. Oh wow that looks like a very good professional job. Is is one that can be moved to another place for when you move one day.

    Oh and we were looking at renovations in Launny and saw this real cheap one in your street and it looked perfect until we realised it was 'the murdered house'!!!

  10. Lisa, i had a huge smile on my face reading this! So happy for you and the boys!! I did woodwork at school and loved it! what a great thing for these boys to do. :-) It looks great by the way!

  11. I'm crying about a cubby house! Hopefully those guys remember it too and how good they felt.

  12. Oh Wow! That is so awesome. Can it be easily moved for when you move? You wouldn't want to leave that masterpiece behind. Good on that class for doing that. Hopefully Aunts, Uncles and cousins aren't banned from the cubby Harri.

  13. That is sweet as!!! I remember a while ago they made some to sell but making them to brighten other families lives is so much nicer :)

  14. That is awesome! I was just outside hanging some washing out and thought to myself...'That is what we can do for Christmas, get Adam to build a cubby' My big boys are scarred because they missed out on Dad building them a cubby... needless to say, they built an endless number for themselves.
    Have a great day:)

  15. How cool is the cubby house! The boys will have heaps of fun in it and I am sure that they will build some great memories playing in it!

  16. Time for some sleep overs in the cubby! Get ready mum! haha

  17. Collette ...i was thinking that Aaron and Lisa might be able to escape there one night for a sleep out...he he..... how about a YW sleepeover Lisa...will it fit us all on the floor (or i have a really nice wrought iron double bed to giveaway...would it fit that in there???)...other suggestions....
    sewing room
    TV room
    Computer room
    Now i am getting carried away!!!!I know that your boys will have so much fun in wont see them in side now...
    It is AWESOME that those kids did that for you guys...and you know what??????

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