Thursday, 22 October 2009

Big CATs

Last Saturday we spent the day looking at lots of big cats - it wasn't big cats as in lions and tigers, but the CATs that go underground - trucks and loaders etc made by Caterpillar.

Alex works as an engineer at Caterpillar and whenever Harri sees a CAT truck he gets so excited and yells 'it's a Caterpillar!!' as he knows Alex works there. On Saturday they had an open day and Alex was allowed to show a certain amount of family and/or friends through so we got to go along and check out how everything was made from beginning to end.

Jay thought it was really interesting and Harri was the typical 5 year old - thought it was fun at first and then after 2 minutes he lost interest and wanted to know when we were having a sausage and fizzy drink at the BBQ!

It was cool to see how things were done and amazing to think that they can build such huge machines from nothing. It was cool to hear the work that Alex does as well. I bet little Alex will want to do something just like his Dad when he gets older and work with trucks. He is a real boy and LOVES trucks (my boys have never really been into cars and trucks that much) and was so excited to be able to sit up in a cab.

When he had to get out he was very upset and didn't want to pose for the photo as he was trying to just get back in!

Thanks Alex for showing us your work! It was a great day.


  1. I like Aaron's idea of painting them pink for the lady miners!

  2. I didn't recognise any :0{


  3. How cool =) WOW you had a busy day on Saturday!


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