Monday, 5 October 2009

Heart Attack

Yesterday morning I opened up the blinds in our bedroom and Aaron yells 'a heart attack!!'. I started panicking as I thought he was telling me he was having a heart attack! Then I realised what he meant! Outside on our front lawn some sneaky people had come during the night and placed hundreds of cut out hearts on skewers in our lawn.

We are assuming it is someone or a group of people from church but really don't have a clue who it was.

The boys LOVED it and spent ages after church playing in them. The neighbours pulled up while we were out taking photos and asked us if it was a special day. I said 'I guess so!', but told them there was no special occassion but obviously some friends had come during the night to surprise us. I think they loved them as much as we did.

Harri kept saying 'we are lucky aren't we Mum? No one else has hearts in their garden!'.

Kobe thought it was fantastic and would've stayed out there all day if we let him.

This is actually the third or fourth time we've been heart attacked. The first time was the night after Noah was diagnosed with hydranencephaly. We brought him home from the hospital after the Dr gave us the news, and woke up the next morning to beautiful hearts all over the lawn. It really touched us as although people couldn't really help us it meant a lot to know that they were thinking about us.

It's so hard to believe that was just over 8 years ago! We have changed and learnt so much in those 8 years.


  1. How cool is that! Love the pictures the boys are growing up so fast and Noah looks great :) Come by soon and say hi.

  2. That must have been such a surprise!

  3. hmm, I wonder who it was?

    Sometimes it's better of just not knowing

  4. love Harri's comment, he is always has something funny to say.

  5. They look soo pretty =) Im laughing at you thinking Aaron was having a heart attack!
    I wonder who it was? Haha, i know! ;)

  6. I have been the recipient of a couple of those now ...i never will get sick of such a beautiful gesture .... pure love....

  7. That last one of Noah with the hearts is my favourite. Luckily the lawn was short

    and just a random thought here - lucky you don't have a dog!!!- imagine trying to place all those hearts in between the poop.

    Ok that's weird.


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