Thursday, 8 October 2009

Cold Spring BBQ

Today being a public holiday for Show Day, it was the perfect opportunity to get together for a BBQ. Lisa organised it earlier in the week and told me that there would be lots of 'cool' people meeting at the Tailrace park and asked us to come along (I guess that means she thinks we are cool - thanks Lisa!;). Harri kept asking me all day 'is Callum and Taj going to be there. I didn't know who was going to be there and told him that they might be as I didn't want to get his hopes up.

He was VERY excited when we arrived and he saw that ALL of his gym friends were there - Callum, Ty, Taj and Eli! It turned out that almost everyone that meets at the gym every morning were there. The boys were super excited to go to the Tailrace park as it's lots of fun with a great playground, including a maze.

The kids had heaps of fun running around it playing 'Star Wars'.

Kobe was so tiny in the huge big maze! He thought it was great running around with all the big kids.

Jalen cracked me up as we got in the van to leave. He asked 'is that baby with Gary and Lisa their baby!?'. I reminded him that it was Eden and he said 'I never knew they had a baby - when did that happen!!?'.

He couldn't believe that she is actually older than Kobe and he totally couldn't remember her being born! It makes me realise that we don't see Gaz and Lisa as often as we did when we were in the same ward as them at church.

Jay grew up with Phebe and Eliza so it was a total shock for him to know they had another little sister! You would think we live on other sides of the country or something - not the other side of town!

Flic and Rob had Corom with them today so it was really nice to see him, even though he wasn't have a great day. Every time I see him I'm amazed as to how huge he is. Hard to believe he was once that cute little 4 year old I was nanny for when we travelled to the USA to find treatment for him.

It's 'funny' to think about how much I loved working with him, and even wished that Aaron and I would have a child with autism as I loved working with him so much. I guess it's a case of that old saying 'be careful what you wish for'. I think working with Corom prepared me a lot for having Noah even though his needs are a lot different to Corom. Noah was the opposite of Corom today - he slept for most of the day including the whole time we were at the park. I had a feeling that meant he would wake up cranky later in the night which of course happened. When he sleeps for most of the day he is usually having lots of seizure activity, which means he is pretty cranky when he finally wakes up.

Despite it being Spring it was actually freezing all day today. We were considering going to the show until we realised how cold it was going to be and knew it wouldn't be fun for Noah being in the cold wind all day. Hopefully having a BBQ will persuade the weather to finally start warming up as it doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon!

The guys kept laughing at us girls sitting around talking and 'cackling' all afternoon - saying we sounded like a bunch of witches.

It was nice to catch up with everyone somewhere other than class at the gym. We will all be back there in the morning working off the BBQ :)


  1. great blog lisa i wasn't eating 2 sausages...just holding one for someone :)thanks for the great day..

  2. Gotta love freezing Tassie bbqs!! lol

  3. cool to see some familiar faces. Ill have to take the girls there, I didnt know there was a maze there!

  4. We love that park - pity it's been so cold!

  5. It does look a bit cold there. Personally I am sick of Oliver whinging about Harri not being at the gym and asking over and over again when we are going to 'the new gym'. :) The only plus with it being quiet there is that he gets heaps of attention from Kellie in creche.


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