Thursday, 20 December 2012

Summer holidays

At 12.30 pm tomorrow (after I finish work) we will officially be on summer holidays.  It'll be nice to have a break as it's been a big year for all of us and we are all exhausted, and I have some very tired and emotional boys.  

Harri has been lucky to have the same teacher for three years out of four, and he absolutely loves her and his other teacher that he's had this year.  Both teachers are moving to a different school next year, and Harri was devastated when he found out. 

All week has has been teary about it, but last night he was so upset and couldn't stop crying.  He got into bed after school and just laid there crying and crying.   He doesn't cope very well with change, especially since Noah and Aaron passed away, so I felt like he was crying not only because his teachers were leaving, but also because of Noah and Aaron as he was just sobbing for hours.

This morning he woke up and couldn't even talk to me. Every time he would talk he would just start crying again.  He made his teachers a card, and then just sat under his blanket sobbing. It broke my heart.

When we got to school he still wouldn't talk and started crying when he saw his teacher.  They had a little cry together and when I left he was still feeling really sad.   He said he didn't want her to leave, and also didn't want to have school holidays because he likes school so much. 

I was happy when I picked him up after school to see that he was a lot happier.  His teacher had talked to the school social worker during the day (as he had been seeing her throughout the year) and she caught up with him.  He had two stickers on him when I picked him up, and I asked him what they were for and he said that the one on the right was how he was feeling today, and the one on the left is hopefully how he will be feeling tomorrow.

Harri got a great report which also said lots of lovely things about him.  We loved the last line that said 'we will miss his cheeky smile, morning banter and of course 'No No' next year'. That made Harri feel really happy.   He gave his teacher so many hugs today, and another big one before he left after school. 

There were more tears before bed tonight, but I'm hoping after a few days of holidays he'll settle into being on holidays and will realise that it's nice to have a break.

Jay was hanging out for holidays and was really happy after school.  He's had a tough year and it was a rough start in more ways than one, but he has really settled into school in the last couple of months and made a lot of good new friends.   He also got a great report and another letter of commendation this term. He was excited to know that he can now chill out for six weeks or so. 

This was his status on Facebook tonight.  He was annoyed about the typo and then probably more annoyed that we stirred him about it :)

I'm looking forward to (hopefully...Kobe!) sleeping in and lazy mornings, but I'm not looking forward to the longer days without Aaron and Noah since we won't have a routine to keep us busy. We usually love our summer holidays because it meant all of us were home together for 6-7 weeks.

Jalen and I were talking the other day about how tired all the teachers are right now, and we remembered how exhausted Aaron would be at the end of the school year, and how glad he was to have summer holidays to rejuvenate. Aaron loved his job but not for the holidays, although they are of course a bonus, but he was always ready for a break at the end of a big year.

I never took having Aaron home for school holidays for granted, and knew how lucky we were to have so much time together. I know that even more now, and I think it's going to be a very long summer without him and Noah, but we have lots planned to keep busy and hopefully we will have lots of fun together, even though Aaron and Noah aren't with us.


  1. I feel so sad for Harri.
    I hope he cheers up,and starts to uwind and starts to enjoy his holiday break.
    It will be good for you all to relax after such a sad year.
    We will have a great time on our holiday coming up.
    It all still seems so surreal , with the loss of Noah and Aaron .
    The holidays will fly by.
    Love you all.

  2. I really pray for you guys that your holidays will give you some fun times together as a family. Have heaps of fun. I just think you are such a wonderful and amazing family.

  3. My heart is crying for Harri, but maybe a vacation will heal his heart. I hope you have a great time together. (Here in Holland it's really winter, I can't imagine that you have summervacation now:))

    Lots of love,

  4. That made my heart break. Poor Harri. Hopefully his next teacher will be wonderful too. I can't believe the school year has finished already. I hope you have a wonderful time with your boys over the holidays. I'm sure it's going to feel long though. Thinking of you during this Christmas season. Hoping you can feel the saviours love more than ever.


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