Friday, 7 December 2012

Footy Trip tribute to Aaron

This morning while I was getting ready for work I got a text message from a friend saying it was a lovely story in the paper this morning.  I had no idea what she was talking about, so was surprised to see a story on page 3 of The Examiner about Aaron's school footy team going to Melbourne today to go to a clinic with the Hawks.

Last week I ran into one of the boy's parents in town, and she told me that they were hoping to get enough boys to go over for a clinic with the Hawks, and they were able to go because they won the Tassie Hawks Cup

I didn't realise until I read the story in the paper today that the school had really tried to go to the clinic because of Aaron.  It touched me so much and I'm still blown away every day that the boys and the school do so much to remember Aaron.

I'm always thinking that Aaron and Noah will one day be forgotten and it makes me so sad, but it's days like today when I realise that they both touched many lives and hopefully will never be forgotten.

Below is a copy of the story from The Examiner newspaper today.  It's a pity the top of the photo is cut off on the online story

Footy trip tribute to Hawks fan teacher

WHEN the senior football team at Kings Meadows High School travels to Melbourne for a clinic with the Hawthorn Football Club today, former teacher and coach Aaron ``Kingy'' King will be in their thoughts.
The memory of Mr King, who died suddenly of a heart attack on Australia Day, drove the team to win the Northern region premiership against Riverside High School and take out the Tassie Hawks Cup competition against St Virgil's College in September.
Today, the team will travel to Melbourne for a one-day clinic with Hawthorn in ``a final tribute'' to Mr King, who described himself as an obsessed fan of the club.
Coach Adrian Dean said the clinic was offered annually to Tassie Hawks' winners until a few years ago, when the sponsorship was withdrawn.
``But we wrote a letter to Hawthorn explaining our story and they were very supportive, they helped us make it happen,'' Mr Dean said.
``We sought out sponsorship ourselves from local businesses and the school prefect board because Aaron King was meant to be coaching the team this year and he was a mad Hawks fan - probably the biggest supporter we know.''
Co-captain Jordan Bennett said watching the Hawthorn players train, touring the facilities and meeting assistant coach Chris Fagan would be exciting for the team, but for most, the day would be about Mr King.
``Basically we just played the whole season for him and when we're in Melbourne he will be in the back of our minds for sure - it will probably be a bit emotional for us,'' Jordan said.


  1. Lisa,
    don't ever worry that Noah and Aaron will ever be forgotten, because they won't especially by me.
    They live through you and you beautiful boys.
    We will always miss them, but we will never forget them.
    Love Mum.

  2. Lisa,
    Your memories of Noah and Aaron will always live in yours and the boys' hearts and souls and by your wonderful gift of writing about them on this blog will keep those memories alive for everyone else. I feel funny saying this because I have never met anyone in the King family but I do feel like I know you all enough to be able to assure you that Noah and Aaron will always be in my thoughts, and in my prayers for you and the boys. The tough times will lessen as the good times multiple.

  3. Hi Lisa
    I have been reading your blog from earlier this year. I just came across this other blog that I thought you would like to read (you may do so already). It's called Everyday Kings. Yes her name is the same as yours and she lost her husband the same way as yours.
    You are doing so well and are an amazing strong lady.

  4. Aaron and Noah will never be forgotten Lisa. Two very special people who have touched the lives of those who knew them and thousands of others who got to know them right here.


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