Saturday, 29 December 2012

Boxing Day Adventures

On Christmas night we stayed at my Mum and Dad's house along with the Watsons and Chrish.  We planned on doing something together as a family on Boxing Day and the weather was okay, but not really warm enough to hang out at the beach all day, so instead we thought we would go back to Alum Cliffs for a short walk like we did at Easter time. 

While we were waiting for Steph, Becky and Jared and the kids to arrive Maddie spoiled me by doing my hair.  Oh how I wish I had girls sometimes! It was so nice having my hair done.  

All the cousins love being with each other and it's so nice watching them play together. The girls decided to go and pick some of Grandpa's raspberries.
Everyone is excited to have Uncle Chrish home for three months.

My sister in law Steph was very thoughtful and brought along a helium tank and balloons so we could take balloons on our walk and let them go to Aaron and Noah.

They started off well, but not many made it to the end and we heard lots of popping along the way.

Linc being carried by Uncle Jared.

Even though we had been there before I'm still amazed by the beautiful scenery. 

My cousins Jarom and Corom joined us for the walk.  I haven't seen Corom for ages so it was so nice to see him again.  When I was seventeen I was their nanny as they travelled around the USA looking for treatment for him (he is autistic).  At the time Corom was only four years old but even all these years later he still remembers me when he sees me.  Jarom asked him who I was and he looked at me for a few seconds and then said 'it's Lisa!' in his big deep voice.  He was so happy by the end of the walk.  

My boys have been around a lot of kids with disabilities but they were fascinated by Corom. I was so proud of Jay who just talked to him like he would anyone else and wasn't worried that he was so big and loud.  Harri made me smile when he said 'he has the biggest disability I have ever seen!'.  I laughed and said 'is he more disabled than Noah?' and he said he was. It's funny how they just get used to a particular disability, and I found it interesting that Harri thought that Corom was more disabled than Noah, even though he has no physical disabilities.

My cousins have a website called Tassie Boys which helps raise funds for families who have someone in their family who has autism.  

On the way back to Mum and Dad's we thought we'd check out the honey farm at Chudleigh. 
I was surprised as to how well it was set up.

Fussy Jalen isn't too sure about trying the chocolate honey.
It was a fun day and nice to do something with the Watsons before they headed to Hobart, before they fly back to Melbourne next week.

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  1. Oh sounds like a great time! So great to see Corom. I worked with him at Giant Steps, he taught me so much. xxxx


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