Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Memorial Awards

Yesterday was a busy day for me as I attended two school end of year presentation assemblies to present some memorial awards.

Just after Noah passed away Aaron and I both had thought about donating an award in Noah's name to both Punchbowl Primary School and Kings Meadow High School.  Noah's award at Punchbowl was called the Noah King Friendship Award and last year when I presented it both Aaron and I were feeling very emotional about it. 

Because we used to take Noah to the Child Studies classes at KMHS every year and talk about what life is like when you have a child with a disability, both Aaron and I wanted to donate an award to go to a student of Child Studies.  Last year Aaron presented that award on his own, and told me that he was in tears as he went up on the stage to present it.

This year I also wanted to donate an award at KMHS in Aaron's name.  I knew that I wanted it to go to a student who tries their hardest at all times and is kind and compassionate to everyone. I knew that's something Aaron would want it to be for.  I talked to the teachers about it and they decided that Aaron's award would be for 'a student who is hardworking, endeavours to do their best academically, is compassionate and has a love for all sports'.

Yesterday Kobe and I went along to the KMHS Presentation Day.  He was excited to see his name on the chair and said 'that's mine!'.

Before it started I got chatting to the guy who was sitting in the seat next to me. He was also presenting an award and was representing a business.  He asked me what I was presenting and when I told him it was an award for Aaron and Noah and that they had both passed away he was shocked.  I felt sorry for the poor guy and he said 'I really don't know what to say, I'm so sorry'.  He was lovely and came up to me afterwards and said it was nice to meet me, before he said goodbye. 

I was worried that Kobe was going to get restless as the assembly was around an hour and a half, but he did so well to sit quietly (and treats, drinks and the iPad on silent helped!).

I always feel happy to visit KMHS and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be to present the awards. I felt sad but was glad that I could be there to present the awards and to see the students and Aaron's friends from work. It's always nice to catch up with them.

Aaron's award went to Jacob McKinnon who is a student in grade 9.  Together we decided that it would be a grade 9 student who would win it, since that was Aaron's grade that he would've been grade leader over this year.  I heard from many teachers that Jacob was very deserving of the award and that Aaron would've been so happy for him to win it.  

The winner of Noah's award was Briony Frankcombe.  I had received a lovely email from a teacher during the week about how deserving she also was of the award.

After the assembly Kobe and I joined everyone for refreshments.  It was lovely to talk to the students who won the awards.  Kobe loved showing Jacob all his games on the iPad.

Last night the boys and I all went to the Punchbowl Celebration Evening and I was able to present Noah's award to two girls as the teachers couldn't decide between them.  The girls who won the award were Georgia Miller and Nicole Bassett.

As was lovely to be able to present the awards to four very deserving students.


  1. I felt teary reading your blog and knowing that you have the wonderful opportunity to remember both Noah and Aaron in this way. What a great blessing. I'm sure Aaron would have been proud of those that received the awards.

  2. How proud too these students must have been to be recipients of such awards. What an amazing honour for them.

  3. I bet these students will cherish those awards forever, that's such a nice idea giving awards. xoxo Emily Dee


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