Thursday, 6 December 2012

Someone is excited for Kinder

Kobe has been so excited about starting school next year and wishes that he had more pre-kinder sessions to go to.  He keeps asking if he has pre-kinder and I have to remind him that he doesn't go back to school until after the summer holidays.

A few weeks ago we got a letter in the mail asking which days we would prefer for next year. Kobe was so excited to know that the letter was about 'my kinder!'.  We took the form back into school and thought while we were at it we would start getting his uniform organised. 

I thought he would be excited to try it on, but at school he freaked out about it.  He didn't want to try it on, and even after we brought it home he still didn't want to put it on to show Grandma and Grandpa.  He kept saying 'I just want to wear normal clothes'.  

I don't think he realised that a part of going to school was that you HAD to wear the uniform and didn't get to choose what you wanted to wear to school.

A few days later he decided that maybe it was actually pretty cool to wear a uniform to school and was excited to try it on again. 

When I'm really tired (which is pretty much every day!) I often lie on the couch after the boys are home from school and have a little nanna nap while they play around me.  Last week I woke up from my nanna nap and saw Kobe sitting watching TV with his uniform on! He had gone and put it on while I was sleeping. 
Now every chance he gets he runs off to his bedroom and puts his uniform on.  He doesn't even care if it's inside out :)

I'm so happy for him that he gets to go to school next year, because I know he's been ready to go for a while. I'm hoping to keep busy on the days that he is at school by working on the same days he's at school.  I'm so glad that I have work to keep me busy because I would miss Kobe way too much if I was home every day on my own.   It's going to be so different once all the boys are at school full time together. 


  1. I love this kid sooo much.
    I'm glad you will be working the same days he goes to school,because I know you would miss him.
    He is one gorgeous little man.
    Aaron would have been so proud of him.
    Love Mum.

  2. I tried to send you an email but it was returned. Do you have a new address? I would love to contact you.

  3. Hi Anonymous - my email is the same as in the contact us section above.
    If you are Teri then I did get your email - thank you so much. xxx


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