Monday, 17 December 2012

"I'm on the good 'wist'!!"

Last year we had lots of laughs when the boys watched some personalised videos from Santa.  I still remember the boys excitement when Santa said their names,  knew what they wanted for Christmas and then told them whether they were on the naughty or good list.  The boys talked about it for months and they still remember that Jay was on the naughty list last year. 

It's so weird now watching the clips of the boys watching their videos last year, and seeing and hearing Aaron in them. I still remember that day so clearly as we were excited for the boys to be watching their videos and having fun but we were both feeling so sad as it got closer to Christmas as Noah had passed away just a month and a half before.  

Last week we got some new videos from Santa for this year and the boys were excited to see if they made the naughty or good list again. Jalen must've been a lot better this year as he made the good list.  I loved this year that Santa was able to tell the boys that they were all on the good list, but they had to try a little harder. 

Kobe's face just makes me smile as he was so nervous while he was watching his video. He couldn't keep still and kept looking away from the video, and was acting so shy.  I love his little fist pump when he says 'I'm on the good 'wist'!!'.  Everywhere we go people ask Kobe if he's been good and if Santa is going to come and he says 'I'm on the good 'wist' but I have to try harder.

Harri was sure he was on the naughty list because he thought he already knew as he could tell from Santa's voice :) He makes me laugh so much when he says 'who cares if we need to try harder, we're on the good list!'.

We love the Santa that is at Meadow Mews every year.  He is so lovely and looks so nice, and every year he would remember Noah's name. Aaron and I were both so touched and surprised when the same lovely man came to Noah's funeral and came up to me to tell me that he was 'Santa' and how sorry he was to hear about Noah.  

During the week I was shopping on my own and Santa didn't have anyone with him so I went over to talk to him. I wasn't sure if he would know who I was, so I told him I was Noah's Mum and he was so lovely and asked how I was coping and how the boys are. He said he had heard about Aaron and said how sorry he was.  

The next day I was shopping with Kobe and he was also shopping and wasn't in his Santa costume.  He came up to me and said hello and Kobe decided that he was going to be a pain and started chucking a tantrum because he was sick of being in the photo shop and wanted to go across to EB Games instead.  I told him he had to wait, and he didn't want to listen and kept complaining.  I looked at 'Santa' and said 'Kobe! Santa is watching you!!' and we had a little laugh. 

On Saturday I took the boys to see Santa (I wonder when Jay will finally tell me he's over it!?) and he asked Jay and Harri to remind him of their names and then he saw Kobe and said 'and you are Kobe'. Kobe was so excited that he remembered his name (lucky we ran into him the day before or he would've had no clue!). 

It was lovely to see him again and I will be sad if he ever decides to retire and not do it anymore. I love this pic of the boys as they all look really happy.  You would have no idea what they have gone through this year by this photo, but then you see Harri hugging 'Nono' and it reminds me that it's been a tough year but the boys are doing okay considering and I'm so proud of the three of them.

 Santa photos from other years are here.

To make your own free personalised video from Santa go here


  1. Oh that's gorgeous Lisa ..... so funny when Harri says at least he is on the good list. This was lovely to watch.

  2. You and your boys are amazing Lisa! May your Christmas be filled with loads of love and laughter!

  3. what a wonderful santa! dont think I've ever met one like that! very special.

  4. I love that Santa!!!
    Loved looking back and seeing the boys grow through the years.
    I loved Jae with a but of 'fat' on him.
    Love Mum.

  5. It is so sweet to see Harri holding Nono. :-)

  6. Hi Lisa,
    I lost a son to an unknown degenerative disease of unknow orgin, we spend many many months at the Primary Chidrens hospital, he passed when he was 8 years of age. We are LDS too. My kevin died many years ago, but oh how I stil miss him so much! I am so grateful for your Blog and seeing how well you are doing, but your life will forever be changed as you well know!
    Thinking of you today! Love you and pray for you!


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