Sunday, 16 December 2012

End of Year Party

Yesterday we woke up to pouring rain which was lovely to hear because we haven't had a good rain for a while. I feel like I'm getting old as I was excited about how good the rain was going to be on our garden at on Noah's and Aaron's grass at the cemetery. I've been going up there every day to water and it was nice to know that it was going to get a good soak.

We've been having such beautiful weather, and as much as I loved hearing the rain I couldn't believe that it was pouring on the day I had planned for months to take photos for someone.  We had to postpone and I thought that our ward church Christmas party may have had to be cancelled, but it started to clear up later in the afternoon.

I don't tell my boys what our plans are anymore because I really don't know what I plan on doing until the day. If something is coming up I just wait to see how I feel on the day because how I feel one day, is not at all how I may feel the next.   Twenty minutes before we were supposed to leave to get to the party, I woke up from a nanna nap on the couch, saw that the weather was okay and thought it would be nice to go and told the boys to quickly get ready so we could go.

They had totally forgotten it was on, so they raced around getting ready and we headed out to Myrtle Park. It was a Christmas party, but wasn't really anything to do with Christmas so it was more an end of year party.  There was lots of sports to play and we had a BBQ tea together. 

It made me so happy that Jalen decided to join in and played sports with everyone.  He doesn't usually join in at activities very much and would prefer to just sit and watch - especially in the last year.  I was shocked when I saw him out playing cricket (and it definitely helped that we were so far out that there was no mobile phone reception:) and he was having lots of fun.  

All night people just kept started playing different sports together including cricket, volleyball, soccer, footy, and touch football.  Jay shocked me and just kept playing everything and it was so nice to see him laughing and having fun. 

It was so fun watching the waterbomb volleyball.  It reminded me of the good old days when I worked as a leader with the teenage girls from church and we used to play at camp all the time.  It made me feel sad to think how different my life was back then and how much things have changed.

Jay came over from playing cricket to watch it as he hadn't seen waterbomb volleyball, so we joined in and had a great time.
Kobe loved running around chatting to everyone all night.  He cried when it was time to go home.

It was a lovely night and I was glad I made the effort to go,  because sometimes it can be easier to just sit and hide at home.  On the way home I kept pulling over to take photos of the most beautiful sunset. I'm sure the boys will lose their patience with me one day and won't be so keen on putting up with my love for photography and sunsets :)


  1. Spectacular! Glad you all had a great day. Sending wet winter well wishes from Oregon!

  2. Gorgeous sunset photo! My daughter loves scenic photos as well. She has some from some incredible angles. Here's hoping you get more rain!

    1. Dearest Lisa, I have been thinking of you and your family recently. May you all feel a little more cherished this Christmas because you are just gorgeous and yor boys harbour many blessings. Love Natalie Brisbane XXX


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