Friday, 5 October 2012

Watching the Rams Win

On our last day in Sydney we were so glad that we could go and watch Chrish play in his footy grand final.  Chrish loves playing footy and we are always hearing how he's going, but never get to actually watch him.  We were excited to know that his team - the Penrith Rams got into the grand final and that it would be played when we were up there.

When Aaron passed away his team actually sent us flowers which was lovely, especially since none of them know us.  They obviously know how close Chrish is to us though, and it was so lovely that they did that for us.

It was a fun game to watch and I was probably more nervous watching it than when we watch Hawthorn, because Chrish has never won a grand final before.
Chrish's team won and we were so happy for him - especially as he is the captain of the team.   Being the captain he had to make a speech and did a great job.


 It was funny watching them carry 'Triff' off. 
I think Harri was just as excited as Chrish about winning the cup.

One thing we really wanted to do before we came home was go to Max Brenner. We fell in love with it when we went with Ande in Queensland and Harri was especially excited to go again.  After Chrish's grand final win we went and had a big pig out on all this chocolately.

The boys were fascinated as they watched them prepare everything. 

It was a lovely way to finish off a great week in Sydney.  
It was sad leaving Chrish and the warm weather.  We can't wait till December when he comes home for at least a few months, but hopefully forever.


  1. Way to go Chrish and team!!

  2. Very proud of him.
    I used to really feel for him when he was a kid and played basketball, and get to the finals every year and lose time and time again.
    I wish I could have seen him win the final and the cup, but was great to watch him a few weeks before that.
    Way to go Chrish!!!
    Love Mum.

  3. So what's Chrish's story? B/C I have a sister in Utah.....

    Seriously though, even though I'm just a stalker stranger, I was thinking about you guys during the General Women's Conference. I love hearing about your adventures across the world and knowing His gospel is for us all.

  4. Was nice having you guys here for the week, going to LunaPark and having you come to the Grand Final. Thanks for taking pics for me :)

    Chrish's story... haha...he's trouble! :D


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